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Free baseball tips and instruction, exclusively from the pros

FREE baseball tips and instruction, exclusively from the pros

PBI has 100′s of pages of pro baseball tips, free baseball videos, pro recommendations for best baseball gear, ask a pro your baseball question and more…

Pro baseball tips and instruction from Pro Baseball Insider

Pro Baseball Tips

100′s of pages of pro baseball tips – FREE PBI is a free resource for serious baseball players – where pro players, coaches, trainers and scouts share their hard-earned knowledge about how to play baseball the right way. Hitting Learn hitting fundamentals from the true baseball insiders. MLB and MiLB players share their years of experience you in these free pro baseball instruction articles.   Also includes:

  • Bunting  - Learn the mechanics of bunting, as well as situational strategy for sacrifice bunting, best bunting placement for hits, and more.
  • Offensive Strategy  - Strategies for advancing runners, when to steal a base, scoring runners, hitting approach, knowing the pitcher’s tendencies, and more.
  • Situational Hitting - Understanding which game factors can – and should – influence your strategy at the plate. In other words, be a team player by recognizing what needs to get done and knowing how to do it.

Click to see all the free hitting articles. pro baseball tips for stealing bases; FREE pro baseball instruction for running basesBase Running You don’t have to be as fast as Juan Pierre to be a good base runner. Professional baseball players explain how situational awareness, good habits, and a little strategy can take you a long way.  Click here to see all free, all pro, articles on base running. Base Stealing Pro tips for reading the pitcher and timing your base stealing attempts. baseball instruction for defensive skills

Defensive Skills

1st Base An underrated but very important defensive position.  Tips on how positioning, fielding, and footwork at 1st base can be monumental in a teams success. A good 1st baseman makes everyone on the field better.  Pro baseball instruction for first basemen. 2nd Base A position that gets a lot of action. From double plays to double cuts and everything in between, middle infielders have a tremendous amount of responsibility.  Pro baseball instruction for second basemen. 3rd base Being able to sense situations and have proper alignment. Why positioning is so important. Fundamental and not so fundamental ways to field ground balls to give you the best chance to knock down any type of rocket hit your way.  Pro baseball instruction for third basemen.

baseball product reviews from professional baseball players

Product Reviews

The best baseball gear, chosen and recommended by pro baseball players Confused by all the sales hype?  We’ll give you straight-forward recommendations on which gear the pros are wearing and where to buy (we don’t sell it here). Click to see top picks for best baseball gear Low liners Blog has pro baseball tips and insider perspective from Pro Baseball Insider's founder Low Liners Blog – Join the conversation to get pro baseball tips and important issues from an insider perspective with PBI founder Doug Bernier.  Playing better baseball and making good career decisions – it’s the baseball baseball community at it’s finest. About the Founder PBI founder Doug Bernier debuted in the Major Leagues with the Colorado Rockies in 2008 and currently plays for the Minnesota Twins triple A team.  Now in his 11th year of playing professional baseball, including time with the New York Yankees and Pittsburgh Pirates organizations, Doug decided it was time to leverage his contacts and share pro baseball tips from hundreds of industry pros with the dedicated baseball players and families who love the game of baseball and want to be the best players they can be. —————————

Defensive Skills Cont.

Shortstop As the captain of the infield, you need to know many things – such as how to keep the entire defense in proper alignment, and why the backhand is so important for shortstop. These pro baseball instruction articles teach the essentials and responsibilities of how to play the most challenging position in the infield. Outfield Learn the separators between an average and a great outfielder. Know where to be on every ball that is put in play, and why communication is so vital. Get better around the fence and getting the most out of your throws.  Pro baseball instruction for outfielders. Catching How to handle your pitching staff, proper technique for blocking, throwing, proper setup, and why it’s the most challenging position on the field.  Pro baseball instruction for catchers. Pitching Learn how the best pitchers stay strong and durable, use proper mechanics, and attack the strike zone. See how they think through situations, control the running game, and keep their defense playing well behind them.

Free pro baseball tips and instruction supported by projects like this book of hitting drills

Baseball Drills

Baseball Hitting Drills for a Batting Tee now available We thank you for supporting the 100′s of pages of free pro baseball instruction on this site.  

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PBI Updates

Batting Drills All baseball drill books are available for purchase as a digital download (save $) or paperback (hold it your hand and take it to the field with you), and all versions include FREE VIDEOS to demonstrate each drill in the book.Baseball Hitting Drills

Baseball Hitting Drills for a Batting Tee  Book now for sale

Front and side toss drills are coming this summer 2014. Drills with a partner and by yourself, and for all types of problems that can happen at the plate.

More Drills are COMING SOON! Summer 2014

Join our email list to find out when they’re availableFree Shipping and Free Returns at Baseball Rampage

Drills for Pitchers Better body position and mechanics, more command of off speed pitches. Pick off moves, fielding and throwing to bases. Velocity, extension, and proper maintenance. Drills for Catchers Agility drills for quicker feet, blocking and receiving, more efficient pop times to 2nd. Throws from outfielders, and stealing strikes from the hitter. Drills for 1st Basemen Short hops, different flips and tosses to a pitcher covering 1st base. Softer hands, footwork, and glove work. Drills for 2nd Basemen Softer hands, feeds to 2nd base, along with double plays, and footwork. Glove work, awkward throws from all angles and body positions. Bare hand drills. Drills for 3rd Basemen For short hops, softer hands, footwork, and glove work. Awkward throws from all angles, and body positions. Bare hand drills. Drills for Shortstops Softer hands, feeds to 2nd base, along with double plays, and footwork. Glove work, awkward throws from all angles and body positions. Bare hand drills. Drills for Outfielders Getting behind balls to make strong accurate throws. Working around the fence, beating the sun, taking better routes, and glove transfer. Drills for Base running Working on leads, more efficient running, sliding, and reading balls off the bat. Drills for Bunting Drills for bunting for hits and for sacrificing. How to be more consistent in the lost art of bunting. Drills for Mental Exercises Being stronger upstairs to attain goals and redirect poor performances into positive lessons learned. Belief in yourself and effectively visualizing.

What you’ll find:

On these pages you’ll find baseball instruction for technique, strategy and drills – all written by MLB or MiLB players and coaches -and all designed to help you take your game to the next level.

  1. Position-Specific Skills - Whether its footwork for first basemen, tips for turning double plays, tips for pitchers, and more.
  2. Drills - Improve your skills using the same drills used by the pros.
  3. Situational Positioning - Understand game situations and how that dictates positioning. From double play depth, to no doubles, to double cuts, and more. Learn how to think ahead and try to anticipate where the ball may be put in play.
  4. Defensive Strategy - Holding runners on, to pre game preparation, and just knowing what your pitcher throws in certain counts. This is the chess match between an offense and defense. It’s exciting and rewarding when your preparation outplays the offense.
  5. On-field Communication - Learn verbal and non-verbal signs for a variety of on-field scenarios, including pop-up priorities, communicating for bunt plays, and avoiding on-field collisions.
Other resources on this website include:

  • Product recommendations – MLB and MiLB players recommend their favorite gear – gloves, bats, tees, catcher’s gear and more.
  • Product guides – What size glove do you need?  How much should your bat weigh?  These and more common questions are answered in our product guides.
  • Baseball Lessons – Submit a video of you (or your son or daughter) playing baseball and receive a custom video with critiques and instruction created just for you by a professional baseball player.
  • Baseball Charities – Get connected with charities that use baseball to change lives and improve the community.  Also, find out what foundations, charities, and causes are supported by your favorite baseball player.

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About the Author: Doug Bernier

Doug Bernier, founder of Pro Baseball Insider.com, debuted in the Major Leagues in 2008 with the Colorado Rockies, and has played professional baseball for 13 years. Most recently, Doug signed with the Minnesota Twins in 2013, where he logged time at every infield position except 1st base in 33 Major League games. Currently Doug is with the Twins' AAA team in Rochester, NY

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