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Best Pine Tar Sticks

It’s important to get the best pine tar so you will always have a good grip on the bat.  Grips, no matter what type of bat you are swinging can get slick.  Wood, aluminum, composite, bat grip or tape can all get slick and may need some tackiness to help you hold onto your bat and swing with confidence.  (Below you’ll see a video on How to apply pine tar to a baseball bat)

Not all pine tar is created equal.   These three are the best pine tar sticks.  You can really tell a difference in extreme temperatures.  In cold weather not all sticks are tacky enough and in hot weather sometimes it can get a little slick rather than sticky.  The best pine tar can still perform in these conditions.

Best Pine Tar – Top 3 Pine Tar Sticks

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Tanner’s Grip Stick

1. Tiger’s Stick

The Tiger Stick is one of the best pine tars.  It’s very sticky and high quality.  You won’t be disappointed.  You can get Tiger’s Stick from or Homerun Monkey

2. Tanner’s Grip Stick

Very sticky and high quality.  All three are similar but Tanner’s Grip Stick may be the best pine tar stick.  Stays tacky in hot and cold weather.

3. Manny Mota Grip Stick

Best Pine Tar Sticks

Manny Mota Grip Stick

Manny Mota Grip Stick is the original pine tar stick. It stays on the bat really well, giving a long lasting tacky grip.  A lot of pro guys use this type.  Good in cold and hot weather.  You can find it from from Baseball Plus Store or here from Amazon.  It’s $14.95 at both places.

Liquid Pine Tar

Liquid pine tar is another way to apply tacky grip to your bats.  The liquid pine tar is applied to a rag that you can wrap around the bat handle or a little above where you grip the bat.

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Easton liquid pine tar and rag

Liquid pine tar can be a little messier than the stick but it is personal preference.  If the liquid tar is not as sticky as you would like, add some rosin directly on top of the tar on the bat.  The rosin will help make the tar stickier.

Easton Liquid Pine Tar and Rag combo

Nice application process and the liquid tar is a very tacky product.  Good quality and the liquid pine tar usually stays tackier longer than a stick.  You can buy the pine tar bottle or you can buy the team tar, which includes applicator and fence clip.

Baseball Rosin

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Baseball rosin bag – ready to go

Rosin is an important thing to have in your baseball bag (see the video below if you have questions for how to use rosin on your baseball bat grip).

What is the best rosin to use for baseball?    All rosin is about the same.  Whether it is labeled for pitchers or hitters, it is still the same stuff.   With this in mind, you have 2 options (1) buy a ready-to-go bag or or (2) buy loose rock rosin so you can make your own.

For teams –   To buy loose rock rosin, you will probably need to buy in bulk.  This only makes sense if you are buying for an entire team for an entire year.

If you are a player just buying rosin for yourself, then one little rosin bag should last you all season.  If you have access to loose rock rosin through your team, then you can just take some and put it in a sock.  If not, you can buy a ready-to-use bag that will work for your batting grip or throwing grip.

Where can I buy baseball rosin?

Here are a few places that sell individual rosin bags you can use for your baseball bat:  Baseball ExpressBaseball Plus Store, or Amazon

MLB Rules for Pine Tar and the “pine tar incident”

The following is an excerpt from Wikipedia

“In baseball, pine tar is applied to the handles of baseball bats. Because of its texture, pine tar improves a batter’s grip on the bat and prevents the bat from slipping out of the batter’s hands during hard swings. It also helps hitters because they do not have to grip the bat as hard and in result the hitter gets more “pop”.Rule 1.10(c) of the 2002 Official Rules of Major League Baseball states that batters may apply pine tar only from the handle of the bat extending up for 18 inches.

The most famous example of the rule being applied is the Pine Tar Game, the July 24, 1983 game between the Kansas City Royals and New York Yankees in which George Brett hit a home run to put the Royals ahead 5-4. Yankees manager Billy Martin immediately protested that Brett’s bat had more than 18 inches of pine tar. The umpires called Brett out and nullified the home run. However, league president Lee MacPhail overruled the umpires. MacPhail said that the pine tar restriction wasn’t about competitive advantage, but economics. If too much pine tar was on the bat, pine tar would end up on the ball and render it unusable for play. MacPhail said that the umpires shouldn’t have taken the home run off the board, but simply discarded the bat. The game was resumed from the point of the home run, and the Royals won.”

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