Pitching tip #1 – Throw strike one


Why you should be aggressive and throw strike one.

When your first pitch is a strike, the hitters average in an 0-1 count is .111.  If you throw ball one?  The hitters average goes up to over .400 at that point.  If that doesn’t scare you into throwing strike one,  I don’t know what will.

It sets the tone of the at bat as well as the game you bring to the table.  When I watch other pitchers out there, it let’s me know whether or not they are scared of facing the hitter.

It tells you if they are confident and believe in themselves and their stuff against any hitter.

So make us fellow pitchers proud – be aggressive and throw STRIKE 1.  Pitch well my friends!  – Jeff


Jeff Juden, former MLB pitcher

About the Author.  Right-handed pitcher Jeff Juden was drafted by the Houston Astros in 1989 and made his MLB debut in 1991. Following his debut, Juden pitched for 8 different Major League teams – Houston, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Montreal, Cleveland, Milwaukee, Anaheim and the Yankees – and  compiled a career ERA of 4.81.

Today Jeff is a family man and passionate about health and wellness.  Click here to learn more about him and how to join his health team.


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