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A quick rundown on the best baseball cleats from a pro’s perspective, including tips to help you choose which ones are right for you and where you can buy them.


Metal vs Plastic Cleats

Baseball Cleats  are very important, they are what connects us to the ground.  Baseball cleats come in many different styles and colors, but don’t let that confuse you.  If you already have a favorite brand for your regular athletic shoes, then chances are you will like the cleats from that same company.   If you haven’t picked a favorite yet, I’ll run through the major companies that you’ll see pro players using.

Another important decision that each player must make is whether to use metal or plastic spikes.  Some leagues only allow plastic cleats which makes your decision easy, but if you have a choice i will run down a few pros and cons of each.

Metal Spikes -  give you the best grip to the ground.  They are a little harder on your feet especially for infielders who stand on hard dirt the entire game.  But you don’t slide around.  Most infielders, catchers, and pitchers use metal spikes because proper footing is very important.

Molded or Plastic Spikes-  are more comfortable than metal spikes.  The downfall is that you may slip a little more on dirt.  However, the ground in the outfield is softer and plastic spikes work fine.  The problem you may run into is the batters box could be hard and it may be slick with plastic spikes.  In either case, try them out and make a decision which one is best for you.

Coach or Turf Shoe-  are great for use in a batting cage or any other place where they don’t want or are not allowed to wear cleats.  They are great for coaches as well.

Usually buying a pair of cleats is much less deceiving than buying a bat or glove.  We all have been wearing shoes for a long time and we know what style and brand we prefer.  Baseball cleats are no different.  The following list are some of the big shoe companies in professional baseball.

Best Brands for Baseball Cleats

If you looked around an MLB or MiLB lockeroom, these are the brands you would see.

buying guide for plastic or metal nike cleats or spikes

Nike Cleats


They are number one for a reason.  They are trend setters and always change the look of shoes every year. They are very comfortable and many people in and around baseball wear their shoes.

Homerun Monkey has a really great selection of Nike cleats.

new balance metal baseball cleats, best baseball cleats

MB3000 Low Metal Cleats

New Balance

New Balance baseball cleats are a very comfortable shoe, but got extremely relevant in baseball in 2011.  A lot of the guys I play with or against are wearing their shoes.  They have many colors and are stylish.  To buy, check out Baseball Express or HomeRunMonkey.

buying guide for under armour plastic or metal cleats or spikes

Under Armour Cleats

Under Armour

Another shoe that is becoming very popular.  The creativity of the look of the shoes are what sets them apart from others.  They are making their cleats more comfortable than they were a couple years ago.

Baseball Rampage has a good selection of Under Armour baseball cleats, and they also have free return shipping.

buying guide for plastic or metal adidas spikes or cleats

Adidas Cleats


Very comfortable shoe. Some of their looks may be a bit bold but Adidas provides some of the best prices of any big shoe company. Baseball Express has a good selection of Adidas mens and youth cleats

buying guide for plastic or metal mizuno cleats or spikes

Mizuno Cleats


They have different cleat positioning on the bottom of the shoe (from the other shoe companies) making for really good traction.  Many types of models to choose from so pay attention to what you are purchasing. Some models are made from kangaroo leather which makes the cleats lighter.  They tend to run a little wide, but a great shoe.

There are lots of online stores who have Mizuno baseball cleats, so I’d go with Baseball Rampage for the free shipping and free return shipping (always nice if you change your mind for some reason).

buying guide for plastic or metal 3N2 spikes or cleats

3N2 Cleats


You don’t see many people wearing these cleats, but the people that do absolutely love them.  I have never tried them but I had to add them to the list because they have such a loyal following.  Several of the big retailers don’t even sell these, I know Baseball Express has them, but I think has the best selection ($10 off orders of $99+ with code HW0110).

See our online store comparison chart to find out who has free shipping, free return shipping, no fee returns, loyalty programs and other perks.  I hope this overview of the best baseball cleats has been helpful for you.  I invite you to leave feedback or suggestions in the comments section below.  Play hard!  – Doug

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