4 Tips for How to throw a curveball – Pro Pitching Tips from Garrett Richards


Los Angeles Angels pitcher Garrett Richards gives the inside scoop on why his curveball grip is a little different than normal, plus more tips for how to throw a curveball

This post is a little different from our normal posts.  Usually we bring you tips from our own interviews or written directly from the players themselves.

This post is actually transcribed from a video, so you can watch, listen and also read the tips in today’s post.  I hope these pro pitching tips help you develop a killer curveball.  Enjoy and play hard.      –  Doug

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“Hi I’m Garrett Richards and I’m going to talk to you today about how to throw a curveball.

4 tips for how to throw a curveball, by MLB pitcher Garret Richards

Traditional curveball grip

Pro Tip #1 – Curveball Grip.

For me, I throw my curveball a little out of the ordinary.

Most people will hold their curveball with three fingers ( like this )on the inside curve of the horseshoe.  For me, I hold it the same way, but I only have 2 fingers on it, I have one finger sticking up, but holding the exact same way.

Pro Tip #2 – Curve ball Target.

And for me, the thought process on this is to pick a spot a little bit above the catcher’s mask, throw it to that spot , and let the ball do its work.

Pro Tip#3 – Load is important.

Just like any other pitch, I have to get a good load on the mound, and be able to be in a good position to throw this ball out in front.

Because if you don’t throw it out in front, you’re not going to get your results.

MLB pitcher Richard Garret's unique curveball grip. Tips for how to throw a curve ball

Garrets’ curveball grip

Pro Tip #4 – How to use the curveball.

This pitch is typically going to be slower than the slider.  And it can also be a strikeout pitch, and/or a speed differential pitch.

Hitting is timing, so disrupting the timing is what it’s all about. 

That’s my tip on how to throw a good curveball.  See you at the ball park.” – Garrett Richards, transcribed from video

Says Who?  

Garrett Richards is a Major League pitcher with the Los Angeles Angels.

He was a 42nd overall, 1st round draft, and his MLB debut was in 2011 against the New York Yankees.

On June 4, 2014, Garrett joined an exclusive list of pitchers who have pitched an immaculate inning – striking out 3 batters in 9 pitches.  Garrett was a final vote nominee for the 2014 All Star game.

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