5 Pro Bunting Tips

5 pro bunting tips from Yankee Doug Bernier and Philly Juan Pierre.  These 5 tips will ramp up your bunting mechanics so you can get the bunt down every time.

We recommend you watch this free bunting video.  If you are having trouble watching here, check out our YouTube channel, Pro Baseball Insider.

1. Set your bat angle

Get in your regular batting stance.  Nothing usual or crazy.  The motion for the bunt is simply to spin on your back leg like a normal baseball swing.

The bat angle is for the barrel to be higher than your hands.  If you do it the other way around, you’ll probably pop the baseball up in the air.

2. Hand Position
5 pro bunting tips to improve your bunting mechanics

Bunting mechanics: Hand Position

Your top hand is a little higher than normal, about where the label is.  The bottom hand stays down by the knob.  If you bring your hands closer together, like some people like to do, then you won’t have as much control over the bat.  You can choke up a bit if you like, but for good bunting mechanics, you’ll want some space between your hands.

3. Best spot for contact with the baseball

This bunting tip comes to you courtesy of Philadelphia Phillies Juan Pierre.  When we were working out together this off season, I learned some great stuff from him.  Bunting is a big part of Juan’s game, and he knows what he’s doing.

The best spot to make contact with the baseball is to bunt it off the top of the bat just north of the barrel’s sweet spot.   This will deaden the ball so it won’t come off hard off the bat and make an easy play for the pitcher or infielders.

4. Head Position

You want your head behind the barrel so that you can see both the baseball bat and the baseball in your line of vision.  This can be a little nerve wracking, but it’s an important part of bunting.  And of course you’ll want to watch the ball all the way until it hits the barrel.

5. Start High, use your legs to get lower

Start with the bat at the top of the strike zone.  If the throw is lower, than you will use your legs to adjust.  Keep your head and hands in the proper position and use your legs to drop your body as needed.  If the ball is above your bat, then you know it is outside of the strike zone.


I hope this article “5 Pro Bunting Tips” helps you succeed next time you need to move up a runner or bunt for a hit.  If you found this information to be helpful, we hope you’ll share it with your friends to help us get the word out.  Also, I’d love to hear from you in the comment section below if you have suggestions or questions.  Play hard! – Doug


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