Instructor: Doug Bernier (Above)

Doug Bernier debuted in the Major Leagues in 2008 with the Colorado Rockies, and has played professional baseball for 16 years. 

Doug has played every infield position at the Major League level. Following his 16th season of pro ball, Doug retired from playing and is now a pro scout for the Colorado Rockies.

Doug is the founder of Pro Baseball, a platform where MLB and MiLB baseball players and coaches donate their knowledge.

In 6 Secrets of Elite Infielders, you'll learn...

7 Ways the pros reduce errors... these things will also get you recognized, helping you stand out as an above-average infielder

The secret to increasing range without sacrificing consistency (Hint - It's not "charge the ball" or "field in the center of your body" or any of the other worn cliches) 

3 tips for developing self-motivated, hardworking infielders. If you know players that seem lazy or like they don't care, you NEED to read this.

The easiest way to spot below-average infielders (avoid this mistake at all costs!)

Practical tips for increasing consistency, range, throwing accuracy and more!