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FREE professional baseball instruction (100’s of articles and some video), pro recommendations for best baseball gear, blogging from pro players, individual critiques, and more at Pro Baseball Insider!

Who We are:

Hi, my name is Doug Bernier and welcome to Pro Baseball Insider.  This is a website BY baseball players FOR baseball players.

PBI has been created with the influence of over one hundred professional players and coaches.

Our goal is to teach players the right way to play the game, and to give an insider information about the skills you’ll need to play at the highest level.

PBI aggregates pro tips and instruction that have been donated by the pros.  The content on this website is exclusively written by professional baseball players, trainers, coaches, or scouts.  We require that all content contributors have MLB or MiLB experience.

100′s of pages of extensive pro baseball instruction and video… all free?  It might seem too good to be true.  But don’t worry – we’re not planning to pay the website’s bills out of our own pockets.  Click here to read how we keep it free.

Free professional baseball instruction by Pro Baseball Insider

PBI founder and NY Yankee Doug Bernier. 2011 Spring Training. Image by Ed Wolfstein

What you’ll find on PBI:

I have learned so much about life from this great game, and I am passionate about helping players maximize their potential, stay physically and mentally healthy, and have all the tools they need to succeed.

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Also, you may want to subscribe to the blog, since it’ll be getting the most action during the season, since we’ll be busy with games 7 days a week.  Right now we have hundreds of free articles with basic to advanced mechanics, positioning, and other pro baseball tips.  Next off season, we’ll be adding lots more video and practice drills.

And of course, we want to hear from you, so I invite you to comment frequently throughout the site, and reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or CheckSwing.  Let us know what topics you want to hear from the pros about.

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“Be so good they can’t ignore you.” – Steve Martin

Other resources on this website include:

  • Product recommendations – MLB and MiLB players recommend their favorite gear – gloves, bats, tees, catcher’s gear and more.
  • Product guides – What size glove do you need?  How much should your bat weigh?  These and more common questions are answered in our product guides.
  • Baseball Lessons – Submit a video of you (or your son or daughter) playing baseball and receive a custom video with critiques and instruction created just for you by a professional baseball player.
  • Baseball Charities – Get connected with charities that use baseball to change lives and improve the community.  Also, find out what foundations, charities, and causes are supported by your favorite baseball player.

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Doug Bernier, founder of Pro Baseball Insider.com, debuted in the Major Leagues in 2008 with the Colorado Rockies, and has played professional baseball for 5 organizations (CO Rockies, NY Yankees, PIT Pirates, MN Twins, & TX Rangers) over the past 16 years. He has Major League time at every infield position, and has played every position on the field professionally except for catcher. (You should click to watch this great defensive play by Bernier) Where is he now? After 16 years of playing professionally, Doug retired and took a position as a Major League scout with the Colorado Rockies for 2 years. Currently Doug is the Data and Game Planning Coordinator with the Colorado Rockies