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About the Founder, Doug Bernier

Fielding for shortstops, how to turn a double play

Doug Bernier, founder of Pro Baseball Insider

“If you hit it to him, you’re out. That’s the bottom line. He’s really consistent and he has range and he can do some things.”  – Joe Girardi, Manager for the New York Yankees, quoted from The Yankees LoHud Blog, March 16, 2012

“”I’m logged into his [website]so I learn from him,” Rangers manager Jeff Banister said. “I’ve been a member since the inception.”

” We have 3 guys going to D1 schools and it’s a huge part in thanks to Doug Bernier’s 7 steps to learning infield fundamentals. ”  – Billy Wagner, 7x MLB All Star Pitcher

“I personally played with Doug and not only is he an excellent ball player, but an incredibly hard worker and genuinely a great guy. His attitude and skill in the game is what makes him so successful both in playing and teaching baseball.”      — David Robertson, Pitcher for the NY Yankees

” Doug is very knowledgeable about all infield positions… 2nd base, 3rd base, shortstop… It was pleasure to go to work with him every day. We would talk about the subtle nuances – positioning, footwork – Doug was a master of them all. If you need any help with infield, Doug is the guy to go to. ”   – Trevor Plouffe, MN Twins 3rd baseman

“Doug Bernier is one of the best defensive shortstops in all of baseball today. He has a strong accurate arm, excellent range, and can play all infield position’s at the highest level. He has one of the best work ethics that I know about. A great club house attitude, and as a plus, has ability to instruct. He’s a gamer!” — Albie Pearson, Former American League Rookie of the Year, Former American League All-star, Former Scout New York Yankee’s

“Doug is a slick fielding infielder that can make all the plays with ease and brings it on a daily basis. he is the pitchers best friend.” — Scott Aldred, MLB pitcher for ten years and current pitching coach for NY Yankees triple A affiliate

“I have played with or against Doug Bernier for over 10 years now. I’ve also been fortunate enough to play alongside a few Hall of Famers as well. There’s no doubt Doug Bernier is as fundamentally sound as anyone I’ve ever played with. But more importantly he’s one of the best people you will find in the game!” — Steve Holm, Catcher for the Minnesota Twins, formerly with the SF Giants

“I’m logged into his [website]so I learn from him,” Rangers manager Jeff Banister said. “I’ve been a member since the inception.” Source: MLB.com

Among Bernier’s many coaches and mentors are , Mike Gallego, Albie Pearson, Clint Hurdle, Joe Girardi, Kevin Long, Wally Horsman, Carney Lanceford, Tom Runnells, Mike Krukow, and many more.

Bernier has played every position on the field professionally, and is proficient at second base, shortstop, and third base.  His defensive stats rank at the top of the league nearly every year, with a career .971 fielding average.

Doug Bernier, Professional Playing and Coaching Career Summary

2024 – Colorado Rockies Field Coordinator / Infield Coordinator

A Minor League Field Coordinator is crucial in a baseball organization, focusing on developing players in the minor leagues. They oversee coaching, implement the organization’s developmental strategies, evaluate player progress, and ensure consistent training across all minor league affiliates. Their role includes coaching oversight of other coordinators and coaches, player development, and acting as a liaison between the minor and major leagues, aiming to prepare players for advancement within the organization (By far, their busiest time is spring training, when they must organize everything).

And actually, Doug is the Field Coordinator with a twist.

In his new position, Doug has retained his role as *Infield* Coordinator (yes, in addition to Field Coordinator).


Because infield defense is Doug’s specialty and his passion.

And now he’s following in the footsteps of one of his mentors, Texas Ranger’s Kenny Holmberg who is in the same role as the Field / Infield Coordinator for the Rangers.

2022 – 2023 – Colorado Rockies Defensive Coordinator

Doug Bernier is named Defensive Coordinator for the Colorado Rockies.

(Infield, Outfield, Baserunning)

What is a “Defensive Coordinator”   Defensive Coordinator is a player development position.  The Defensive Coordinator is tasked with developing an organizational philosophy for infield and outfield defense, as well as running defensive skills and positioning workouts during spring training, and personally overseeing development of individual infielders and outfielders through the entire Minor League system, from rookie ball up through AAA.

During that time, Doug improved the Rockies Minor League infield defense ranking (all MiLB levels combined) from 18th (at the beginning of 2022 season) to 5th overall by the end of 2023 season.

2020 – 2021 – Data & Game Planning Coordinator

Doug Bernier became the Data and Game Planning Coordinator for the Colorado Rockies  “How efficiently can data-driven ideas make it to the field, or ideas from the dugout be researched and returned in a coachable way? Doug Bernier, a longtime Rockies organization player and pro scout, could be part of the answer in a newly created role of Major League data and game-plan coordinator.” – Thomas Harding at MLB.com

2018 – 2019 – Major League Professional Scout (“pro scout”) for the Colorado Rockies

What is a “pro scout”?  Major League professional scouts typically track active Major League and Minor League players under contract to other teams for potential acquisition.

2002 – 2017 – Professional Baseball Player

Doug Bernier, founder of ProBaseballInsider.com, played baseball professionally for 16 seasons.  Doug signed with the Colorado Rockies in 2002 and had his Major League debut in 2008. He stayed with the Rockies until signing with the New York Yankees for the 2009 season. Following that Doug played with New York Yankees, Pirates, MN Twins and TX Rangers organizations.  See below for more details.

Doug Bernier, founder of Pro Baseball Insider free baseball tips

Minnesota Twins infielder Doug Bernier

2018 – Doug Bernier has officially retired from playing and taken a position as a pro scout with the Colorado Rockies!

2017 – Bernier invited to Major League spring training with the Texas Rangers.

2016 – Doug hit for the cycle on July 27th. Texas Rangers AAA;  PCL player of the week; Fielding % of .985; named co-MVP for Ranger’s AAA Round Rock Express

2015 – Minnesota Twins – Doug spent time with Minnesota Twins and also with the MN Twins AAA affiliate, the Rochester Redwings.

2014 – After being called up to the Major Leagues with the Minnesota Twins on Sept 2, Bernier hit .286 with time at shortstop, 2nd base and DH.  Prior to that Bernier was with the Twins AAA affiliate, the Rochester Redwings.  There he batted .280 with 54 RBI’s and 33 extra base hits in 124 games at various positions (primarily SS, with time at 1B, 2B, 3B, LF, RF and DH as well).

 2013 Season.  Doug Bernier debuted with the Minnesota Twins at home in Minneapolis on July 17, where he spent the remainder of the 2013 baseball season.  With the Twins, Bernier hit .226/.339/.283 with three doubles, five RBIs and two stolen bases, and he saw time at shortstop, second base and third base.  In 31 games Bernier made zero errors and maintains a Major League fielding percentage of .1000.  Earlier in the year, Bernier hit .295 in AAA Rochester as the shortstop/utility infielder.

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Originally from California, Doug and his wife Sarah currently spend off-seasons in Denver, CO with their 2 young children.

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Doug Bernier makes a smooth defensive play on a sharp groundball to get Michael Martinez at first base and end the top of the 2nd inning