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Recommended tools for baseball analysis.  View your baseball swing in slow motion, and other useful ways to improve your hitting through baseball analysis tools.

Baseball Analysis Tool #1:  Sensor for Baseball Bat

No more guessing… Measure bat speed, approach angle, and more

Sensor for baseball bat

Diamond Kinetics SwingTracker

A sensor on your bat can render a 3d image of your swing and help you measure improvements in important aspects like swing speed.

There are several sensors on the market right now.  Two of the best are from Diamond Kinetics and Zepp.

Both sensors work with a baseball bat.

  • Diamond Kinetics SwingTracker – $149.99 (Free shipping and $10 0ff at if you use the discount code pbi10)
  • Zepp Baseball-Softball 2 3D Baseball Swing Analyzer – $149.98 (On Amazon)

Zepp Baseball-Softball 2 3D Swing Analyzer

We give the edge to Diamond Kinetics because the sensor software has more than twice as many specific baseball-related data points.

As a company, Diamond Kinetics specializes in baseball, while Zepp sees baseball as one of the several sports it serves.

Therefore, if you are are a serious baseball player, we recommend Diamond Kinetics.  If your kid is dabbling in different sports (including golf or tennis), it might be better for you to go with Zepp.

Check out the full review of the winning censor here.


Baseball Analysis Tool #2:  Coach’s Eye App

Video analysis software for coaches

The Coach’s Eye app has been a very important tool to my everyday baseball preparation.  This has been the most user friendly baseball swing app I have seen.  I enjoy how you can look at a swing frame by frame.  This allows for you to see things that are very difficult to see at full speed.

Personally, in the past I’ve had a problem with keeping my head still throughout my swing.  With this app I can draw a circle around my head or lines on the video so I can see exactly how much I am really moving and work on keeping my head still.

During my career as pro player, I’ve had access to some of the best, high tech computer programs that cost thousands of dollars.  Coach’s eye does many of the same things as these expensive programs, and it’s only $120.00.

The only downside to this app is you can only view one swing at a time unlike others that will allow two swings for a side by side comparison.  I believe the side by side comparison is not as important as being able to watch your own video with the options that Coaches eye offers.  Also, I think they will eventually add this feature.

To sum things up:   In my opinion Coaches eye is a must have app for any serious baseball player that wants to improve their game by watching video.

Below are some videos showing this app in use.  I hope this product review on the Coach’s Eye app is helpful for you.

You can get the Coach’s Eye app for your iPhone or iPad.


Baseball Analysis Tool #3: TBA

I will be updating this page with more baseball analysis tools as I discover the ones that I feel are really helpful.  Obviously there are hundreds out there, but I only recommend the ones that really stand out and are helpful.  If you want to be notified of new content for this website, you can subscribe to our Monthly Update.

If you know of a tool that you feel is worth recommending, feel free to leave a comment below.

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  1. Avatar für Jason

    Any Info on “Blast Motion” swing analysis from John Peabody. I’m looking at Diamond Kinetics but wanted to compare “Blast Motion” first.


  2. Avatar für Rob

    Check out Ubersense. Side by Side, Overlay, and more. While it was better prior to iOS6, it is still the best that we have used on a mobile device. Also like the price better…free!

  3. Avatar für Alex Pedicini

    Thanks for sharing this Doug. Have you checked out the SwingReader Baseball app? It costs $2.99 and also measures pitch speed in addition to swing analysis. You can also compare you swing to MLB players.

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