Baseball scoring: Is it a sacrifice bunt or fly?

There are only two scenarios in a baseball game where an out would be scored as a sacrifice.

This is a quick post to help you know if a play was or should be scored as a sacrifice bunt or a sacrifice fly ball, or even simply “What is a sacrifice in baseball?”

I get this question in various forms, such as this latest one:

Hard hit grounder to second basemen hits
Off his leg. Batter is safe at first and runner scores from third.
Is this scored as an error or sacrifice?

So I’m just sharing this quick note for anyone who is wondering…

  • What is a sacrifice in baseball
  • How to know if a baseball play is a sacrifice bunt or fly

What is a sacrifice in baseball?

Simply put, the batter is sacrificing himself to move up the runner.   Since the batter actually did what he was supposed, it won’t be counted against his batting average.  Just like a walk, it won’t even count as an at-bat.

When is it a sacrifice hit?

A sacrifice only has two scenarios.

Sacrifice bunt or “sac bunt”

A sac bunt happens with runner at 1st or 1st and 2nd.  The batter squares around early to bunt and advances the runner(s).

Note: If he looks as though he is bunting for a hit the bunt can be scored as a non sacrifice.

(click here if you want to know how to execute a sacrifice bunt)

Sacrifice fly or “sac fly”

The second possibility is a runner at 3rd base and the batter hits a fly ball deep enough that the runner at 3rd can tag up and score.  In that case, it’s scored as a sacrifice hit.

Those are the only 2 ways a sacrifice can happen.

Hope this helps!

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