Baseball cutoffs and relays – 3 simple tips for instantly faster relays


In baseball cutoffs and relays, split seconds can mean a HUGE momentum shift in the game.

Get that out and now your team is energized.  The game is shifting in your favor, and that attitude is contagious.  It’s also contagious when that all out effort falls short and the runner is called safe.

It’s more than just one out.  It’s the kind of play that can set the tone for the rest of the inning or even the rest of the game.

Every step counts.  We can’t afford to waste time by being inefficient with our body movements.

So, thinking ahead and getting into a strategic relay position is a very easy way to see massive improvement in your relay time.  Watch the video or read (below) to find out 3 easy ways to shave precious seconds off your baseball cuttoffs and relays.

Baseball cutoffs & relays – 3 Simple Tips for instantly faster relays

Cutoff Speed Tip 1 – Catch the ball on the glove-hand side of your body

Think ahead and get into position to cutoff the baseball by making the catch on your glove side.  This will save you precious time and put you into a better position for the relay throw.

Cutoff Speed Tip 2 – Turn to your glove side, not the other way

Turning to the opposite side from your glove requires extra steps, which costs precious time in a cutoff situation.  It also creates an awkward momentum that can lead to weaker and less accurate throws.  So to be faster, stronger and more accurate, turn to your glove side to make the relay throw.

Cuttof Speed Tip 3 – Get into throwing position earlier

This is something to work up to (because first you have to have a good read on where the throw is going)…  Get your body so you’re nearly in throwing position already before you even catch the ball.

All 3 of these tips are simple, but they require thinking ahead and getting into position.  Practice them until they’re second nature, and you’ll never have to think about it again!

Use these 3 simple, strategic tips to eliminate inefficiencies in your baseball cutoffs and relays.  You’ll have more success throwing out baserunners, and those exciting close plays will work in your favor instead of against you.

Cheers and play hard!


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Video Transcript Below:

Now how do we catch the ball properly?

We would like to catch the ball on the glove side of our body.

So as the balls in the air, we should have enough time to move our feet, so we can catch it here (glove side), so we can throw this way (rotate left) and we’re already in a good throwing position. We actually would like our feet to be turned in the direction that we’re throwing, as the ball’s in the air, so we can catch it here (glove side) and just continue the flight of the ball.

You’ll see some guys catch it, and turn this way (to the right), but that takes too much time. You’re not going to be able to get a lot of momentum on your throw.

So we really want to try to turn to our glove side.

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