Baseball Gift Ideas for Baseball Players – Christmas 2019


Needs some ideas for baseball Christmas gifts?  We got you covered!  Here are some gift ideas for your baseball player, ranging from fresh, new products to “best of” the classic ones.

1) Protection for hitters – Give the gift of feeling invincible

When a hitter pulls back from good-to-hit pitches because of fear, it makes hitting really difficult. And injuries aren’t fun either! Here are few things that can help…

Batter’s leg guard – If your baseball player has a tendency to foul the ball off his shin or foot, try one of these leg protectors. The most popular and which many pros use is Evoshield


Elbow guard – This is my personal favorite. Once I got hit in the elbow. There’s no muscle or fat there, so it hurt like crazy and swelled up huge. After that, the thought of getting hit again was lingering in my mind. That is, until I started wearing the elbow guard and then I didn’t have to worry about it anymore.

Batter’s Elbow Guard

Here are some of the top rated options. Evoshield elbow guard is very popular with both pros and youth players, and here’s a different style elbow guard with great reviews

Padded shirt to wear underneath the uniform (Great extra protection for catchers and infielders, too) – Sometimes this is more of a mental help than anything else, if your player needs a boost of confidence

TUOYR Youth Padded Compression Shirt Kids Boys Pad Sleeveless Vest Protective Shirts Rib Chest Protector for Football Baseball Basketball(4-pad)

Youth padded shirt

2) Smush balls – Give the gift of playing baseball anywhere

I use these in the driveway when my daughter wants to hit baseballs. It’s key to staying on good terms with my neighbors.

It’s made of a foam that is dense enough that it’s still fun to hit and throw, but soft enough that it won’t break windows, dent cars… or leave bruises.

Smush balls – Give the gift of playing baseball anywhere! Click here to get them

3) Swag – Give the gift of individuality

In a sport where everyone is wearing the same uniform, swag is a fun way for kids to express their personality and individual style

Pro-Fit Sports Compression Sleeve, Black/Red, Youth Standard

Youth arm sleeve – Check out your options here

  • Compression Arm Sleeve  – This would be my #1 choice.  These sleeves are fun, and very popular right now
  • Eye black in any color (Under $10) – There’s just something about eye black that makes you feel tougher and more confident!
  • Eyeblack you can write words on (Under $10) – This is a sticker and it comes with a white pen to write on it with
  • Lizard Skin bat grip – Bat grip that many pros use and comes in many different colors
tips for how to use a wood bat

Whether its team colors or just personal style, you can express yourself with a Lizard Skin bat grip.  Click here to see some options

4. The good stuff – Give the gift of tools to improve your game

best baseball net for christmas gift

1) 7’x7′ Net to practice hitting and throwing anywhere – Here are quick links to the three best rated 7×7 nets you can get on Amazon with free shipping

  • Rukket – (This is the only one I have personally tried, and I really liked it how easy it was to set up and take down. It’s also the only one with 5 stars on Amazon)
  • Tanner Net (US company with a great reputation for quality. Not available on Amazon)
  • GoSports (Most economical, good reviews)

2) Pocket Radar – For hitting, pitching, and throwing – “You can’t improve what you can’t measure”

3) Batting Tee (always a critical piece of baseball equipment!) – Here are my favorites:

  • Tanner Heavy (My favorite; works on any raised home plate or uneven surface, won’t fall over when you hit)
  • Tanner Pro (A little more economical, travel friendly, and won’t fall over when you hit)

4) Infield training aids

  • Paddle or paddle glove for developing a quick “glove to throw” transition. (If it were me, I’d prefer the paddle glove)
    MacGregor Infield Training Glove

    Paddle glove or “pancake glove” for infield training

  • Small Glove – Taking your normal ground balls with a 9.5″ glove is a great way to work on your hand-eye coordination. This is something I always keep in my baseball bag. Best small glove ; Most economical glove

    Small 9.5″ glove for infield training (not games!)

  • Reaction ball (Under $10)

5. Online instruction – Give the gift of in-depth learning from professional baseball players

If you want to come back from this off season with a whole new set of elite defensive skills to make your teammates and coaches say “WOW”, check out these online training programs.

Work-at-your-own-pace, online training from Major League baseball players

Christmas discount coupon – For $100 off plus some special bonuses, use the code CHRISTMAS19. Click the links below to learn more…

(Must use the discount code to get the $100 Christmas discount)

Cheers to you, the tireless parent who sacrifices your time and personal desires to love on your kids. You’re an inspiration, and you’re creating memories that will last a lifetime! I hope this helps inspire some great ideas for that will make your baseball player very happy on Christmas morning.

Yours in baseball,


(Who’s Doug?)


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