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Don’t you love Christmas?


…I know that choosing just the right Christmas gift can be stressful (I have that problem every year, wondering what to get for my wife and Mom 😬)

So this email series is designed to help you out, by just highlighting some of the best baseball products and gear from 2016.

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What is 12 Days of Baseball Christmas?

We are going to send you 1 email each day for 12 days, highlighting some of my favorite baseball gear, equipment, games, etc.


…some of these emails will have discount codes that are exclusively for Pro Baseball Insider VIP’s (that means you).

The ideas range from frivolous fun to very practical, in a variety of prices.

Sound good? Heck, yes, send me 12 baseball gift ideas.

So, to recap, we’ll send you:

  • Cool NEW gift ideas
  • “Best of” recommendations
  • Exclusive discounts, negotiated JUST FOR THIS
  • Every recommendation is hand-picked with care.

These are products that I personally use on a regular basis, or have carefully tested.

Integrity is important to us, so we only recommend things that we have the highest confidence in.

Also, this list is another way help support the free content on Pro Baseball Insider. By clicking our links, before you buy, you’ll be giving Pro Baseball Insider credit for the referral. This means a portion of your purchase will go to helping us keep the 100’s of pages and video of free baseball instruction free for everyone!

We like this model because it doesn’t cost you anything extra… and like I said, in some cases actually saves you $ since we have negotiated special discount codes JUST FOR YOU where we could.

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PS. I will always include a link to stop the emails. So anytime you want the 12 days to end, you will always have a way to make that happen.

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