Baseball Hitting Drills for Power – Part 1, Intro [video]


Video Transcript:  In this video series, we’re going to address some common reasons why you may not be hitting for as much power as you could be.

There’s a very good chance that some small mechanical changes to your swing could dramatically improve your pop.

For each problem area, we’ll talk about

  1. How to recognize the problem
  2. How to fix the problem, including a few helpful hitting drills

Before we dive into the 7 specific problem areas, I need to warn you about the dangers of hitting drills.

The Danger of Hitting Drills

There’s 2 things I’d like to caution you about:Baseball hitting drills for more power - Click to view Top 5 best batting tees

(1) Don’t try to do too much at one time, and (2) Don’t rely on drills too heavily

I’ve been playing baseball for more than 30 years now, and I have most definitely been guilty of this at times.

If you are going to use hitting drills to work on your baseball swing, you have to be intentional about it.  It’s easy to run through 10 different hitting drills and expect it to make a difference on game day.

Sorry.  That’s not going to happen.

The proper way to use hitting drills

(1) From experience, I suggest choosing one aspect you want to work on for the day.

(2) Do hitting drills only related to that one thing, and then alway always always save time in the day’s session to focus on bringing that change into your real swing.

A drill is meant to develop a FEEL for something.

Do the drill. Memorize how it feels to do it properly.

And then, go to work on your real swing. Try to incorporate that feeling into your real swing before you move onto another major issue in your mechanics.

Stay focused. Be deliberate.

That’s how you’ll get the most out of these baseball hitting drills that I’m going to share with you over the next couple weeks.

Warren Spahn quote - Hitting is timing

Baseball Hitting Drills for Power: Part 2, Timing – COMING SOON

Preview of Part 2 – Timing

Coming up next we’re going to dive into the first problem area that is costing you power at the plate – timing.

Timing is a critical component of a successful baseball swing.

Warren Spahn, a Hall of Famer with 21 years of Major League time and more wins than any other leftie pitcher in history, once described his approach to pitching like this… He said “Hitting is timing. Pitching is upsetting timing.”

Pitchers know how critical timing is for hitters. In the next video we’ll show you how to make it more difficult for the pitcher to disrupt your timing.

You’ll be able to cover more pitch locations and a wider range of velocities. Let’s make the pitcher feel likes he’s trying to throw past a brick wall.

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