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The articles on this page are written by professional baseball players to offer FREE baseball tips and instruction for catchers. All Pro Baseball Insider content contributors have played at the MLB or MiLB level.

Again, EVERY article on this site was written by a professional baseball player or coach.

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Pro Tips for How to Hit a Baseball

Catcher’s Stance 1 – How to protect signs to the pitcherTexas Ranger’s catcher Matt Treanor offers expert advice on the proper catcher stance and how to protect signs to the pitcher.
Catcher’s Stance 2 – Blocking SituationsThe catchers ready stance (also called blocking stance) is used anytime a runner is on base or there is 2 strikes on a hitter. These are blocking situations and you need to be in the most athletic position possible to keep the ball in front of you.
Fun Blocking Drill, from MLB CatcherMajor League catcher and 2013 World Series champion Ryan Lavarnway demonstrates how making your catcher blocking drills measurable and competitive can bring a new spark to your catcher practices
Weird new MLB trend in CatchingThe Rays and Orioles catchers are having mind-blowing success with a “new” technique that was once widely accepted as a terrible idea.
Catcher’s Stance 3 – No one on baseThis stance happens after you give your signs to the pitcher and he is ready to pitch the ball home. There are 6 steps to follow that will get you in the perfect catchers stance for no one on base and less than 2 strikes.
Best Catchers MittsWhat catchers mitts do the pros use? This page is a guide to help you choose the best catchers mitt and gear for you.
How to break in a catcher’s mitt (the RIGHT way!)There’s a million BAD ideas out there on how to break in a baseball glove. Washington Nationals’ catcher Cole Leonida shares how to break in a catcher’s mitt the right way.
Baseball Catching Tips from 10 former MLB catchers10 Major League catchers answer the question, “What is the MOST important skill a baseball catcher needs?
 SPECIAL EVENTCatching tips video series, delivered free to your inbox. Washington Nationals catcher Cole Leonida covers catching essentials in this 8 part video series. Free for a limited time!

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I hope you have found these baseball catching tips from Matt Treanor to be helpful.  If you have topic suggestions, questions or feedback, I invite you to leave a comment below.  Play hard!  – Doug Bernier

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    Thank you for sharing the baseball-catching tips in your post. I made a point of showing this to my son, who was interested in sports and was planning to join the Arizona Youth Travel Baseball League. As a mother, I am thrilled he is interested in this recreational sport.

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    I never realized that there were actually bad ways to break in a glove when playing baseball. My spouse and I are trying to get our kids to enjoy sports a lot more this year. We need to make sure that we go to some games soon so they can see how the professionals play.

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    hey so i’m catching for a team and i’m a pitcher usually should i wear a cup because it’s uncomfortable and i’m really quick so i mean

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      A. George Kingrey on

      I catch, I don’t pitch, but even still, I recommend wearing a cup in such a vulnerable position. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

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    I was watching your 3 pillar power up video from yougopro baseball. Matt Treanor talks about 3 different ways to receive the low pitch. I was wondering if you ever made that video and if so where it may be located? I love your videos and thank you for all this information.

    • Avatar für Doug Bernier

      Sorry, the article with Matt Treanor was done before we started adding video. I did it similar to a newspaper interview so there is no video. We plan on getting more catcher input, so maybe I’ll be able to get him on video later so he can explain what worked for him. Thanks.

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