Catcher Stance 3: Blocking Situation

Matt Treanor tips for catcher stance

Tips from MLB catcher, Matt Treanor

Texas Ranger’s catcher Matt Treanor offers catching fundamentals and pro tips on the proper ready stance for a baseball catcher when there is a runner on base.

What is a Ready Stance and when is it used?

In baseball, the catcher ready stance (also called blocking stance) is used anytime a runner is on base or there is 2 strikes on a hitter.
These are blocking situations and you need to be in the most athletic position possible to keep the ball in front of you.

How to Execute the Catchers Ready Stance

The fundamentals of this catcher stance is similar to the no one on stance, except for a couple differences. In the ready stance we want to still concentrate on keeping your toes out, following your catchers glove to the spot the pitch will be thrown, and keep your chest up.

1. Widen your feet to make a more athletic base.

With your toes still pointing outward to get the proper flex in your hips, you want to create just under a 90 degree angle from your upper leg to your lower leg.
A wider and higher base allows for more athleticism when having to move left and right. It also makes it a lot easier to get off a good throw.

2. Feel your weight on the inside part of your toes.

Just like any athlete that is in a ready position, a catcher should have his weight on the inside part of his toes.

3. Even though your rear end is up higher, keep your chest up.

Remember to keep your rear end up high enough to create just under a 90 degree angle with your legs. If you are sitting too deep you will not be as quick as you could be.

pro tips for catcher stance for blocking situation, ready stance, runners on base

Proper technique for blocking stance

Keeping your chest up gives your pitcher a better target, helps you to get in a blocking position easier on pitches left and right, and gets you to a strong throwing position quicker than if your chest was down.

4. Protect your throwing hand.

Instead of placing your right hand behind your right ankle, you will bring it up behind your catchers glove. Make a fist behind your glove (so no fingers are exposed) and keep it hidden from foul balls. Keeping your hand closer to the glove will help with your transition on throws to all bases, and allows for you to get in a proper blocking position quickly.

In conclusion, remember to be in your ready stance if there are runners on base, or if there are 2 strikes on the hitter.

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Source: Matt Treanor. Doug and Matt spent the ‘ 09 and ‘ 10 off seasons working out and preparing for the baseball season together. The two have discussed catching technique at length, and Doug has recorded the knowledge shared by Matt in this and other articles.

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