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On this page, you’ll find baseball fielding instruction for the critical skills that an outfielder needs to master, along with some pro fielding tips to help outfielders take their defense to the next level.  Proper defensive technique in the outfield will improve your game and inspire confidence in your teammates.

Click on the red links to get the step-by-step breakdown for each skill, as well as some advanced fielding tips to help you take your game to the next level.


Essential Skills for Outfielders

1. Basics of the OutfieldThere are many types of basic techniques used in the outfield. Having an understanding of how to use these techniques will help you cover more ground, and take more hits away from the other team.  This article provides pro fielding tips for outfielders looking to create a solid foundation for their defensive game.
2. Tracking Fly BallsWhen a fly ball is hit in your direction, determining where the ball is going to end up, and how to go after it, is a learned skill.
3. How to Avoid Losing Balls in the SunFrom a bright sun to a tough cloudy sky, these and other elements can make catching a routine fly ball very challenging. We will discuss outfield tips and technique – including which pair of sunglasses – that will help make these plays easier.
4. What is a Crow Hop and How to use itPro outfield tips and instruction for fielding ground balls, as well as explaining what a crow hop is, and why it can be so effective in the outfield.
5. How to Use the Long HopAs an outfielder making long throws, using a long hop opposed to a rainbow throw will be more accurate and quicker. Throwing the ball with velocity and accuracy from the outfield makes you a weapon that the other team will be conscious of when trying to run around the bases.
6. Throwing MechanicsThrowing the ball around the infield is the second part of making plays. After we field and secure the ball we need to be able to throw it to the base that will give us an out.How to Throw a Baseball:

  1. Grip
  2. Mechanics of Throwing
  3. Feet Position, Upper Body and Feel

Being able to throw properly takes work, but with a few basics for throwing correctly you will be able to increase arm strength and accuracy – of which accuracy is more important.


Positioning for Outfielders

7. Pop Fly PrioritiesBreaking the field down into sections to help prevent any miscommunication. What the outfielder’s responsibilities are and who he has priority over.
8. Backing Up BasesThe biggest thing with being in the right position to back up the correct base is thinking ahead and analyzing the situation. We will cover all the scenarios and what base you should be backing up.
9. Where to To Throw the BaseballThis section will take the guesswork out of deciding which base you should throw to in various baseball situations with runners on base. Understanding when to take a chance and when to keep the double play in order are explained.


Strategy and Game Preparation

10. Know the Baseball FieldKnowledge of the field is an important part of pre game preparation. Knowing the field you are playing on can help with split-second decisions that need to be made during the game, giving you an edge over your opponents and helping you to complete more plays successfully.
11. Pregame Practice Routines for OutfieldersHaving a prepared routine that you can do everyday that will prepare you for the game. Defensive routines do the same thing as offensive routines, by using physical actions to get physically and mentally ready. Believing in yourself and trusting the work you do will go a long way.
12. Pregame Mental PreparationDoing your homework before every game, to increase your awareness of what may happen throughout the game. From knowing your pitchers game plan for that night, to who can run on the other team, and knowing which hitters have certain tendencies that can be used against them during the game.

Baseball Equipment

Best Pro-reviewed Products and Gear for Outfielders

13. SunglassesNEW! For outfielders, sunglasses are an essential piece of equipment.  This guide to the best baseball sunglasses discusses things to look for, like lens color and frame options, and outlines the models available from the best sunglass companies.
14. Training AidsA quick overview of some favorite training aids used by professional outfielders. IMPORTANT!  We will be constantly adding to this page.  Subscribe for once-a-month updates about what’s new on Baseball-Insider.com
15. Best Wood BatsA guide to choosing the best wood bat for you.  Includes info about types of wood, size, and model and maker choices.
16. Best Practice NetsCompare pros and cons, evaluate your options for baseball practice nets, includes video product reviews for some popular models.

I hope these outfield tips are helpful for you.  If so, I hope you’ll share them with your friends to help us spread the word about this extensive free resource for serious baseball players.  Also, I’d love to hear your comments, feedback or questions in the comments section below.  Play hard! – Doug

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