Outfield 5: Using the Long Hop

Understanding how the long hop can be used for more efficient throws.

What is a long hop?

A long hop is when a player makes a throw to a base or target and purposely lets the ball take a bounce about 10-15 feet away from the target. 10-15 feet is an ideal distance because it will allow for only one hop and will be an easy hop for the person catching the ball.

If the ball takes a hop too close to the person catching the ball (3-6 feet) it will be a very difficult catch.

Pro Fielding Tip:

As an outfielder making long throws, using a long hop (as opposed to a rainbow throw) will be more accurate and quicker. It puts your team in control of the base runners. Being able to accurately use a long hop will make your arm strength look better and will create more outfield assists.

If the ball takes a hop too far away from the person catching the ball (20-30 feet) it will take a second hop and will slow the ball down considerably. However, this throw is much easier to field than if your hop is too close. You are still giving your teammate a chance to make a play. So you would still rather make the ball hop twice than throw a short hop to your teammate.

  • Short hop – A short hop is when the ball bounces 3-6 feet away from the person making the catch.
  • Long hop– A long hop is when the ball bounces 10-15 feet away from the person making the catch.

The long hop is a much easier ball to catch than a short hop.

Throws from the outfield

After we field the ball and we have to make a long throw to a base we have a couple options. If it is too far of a throw to make it all the way in the air while keeping the ball on a straight line, we can either throw the ball so it has an arc or let it take a hop.

Keeping the ball down and using a long hop is more efficient than throwing the ball all the way in the air with an arc.

  1. It gets to the target quicker. It has been proven that as long as you are not letting the ball bounce on extremely high grass or very wet and soft infield (where the ball will almost stop) the ball will get to your target quicker if you incorporate a long hop.
  2. It is more accurate.As long as the ball is on line to the target, using a long hop is a more accurate throw. When throwing the ball high in the air, the ball has to come down where the defender is so he can make the catch. Usually the margin of error is about 6 or 7 feet (depending on the players height). A person catching the baseball has no chance if he can’t reach the ball.Throws using a long hop are more forgiving of mistakes. Even if the throw is 30 feet short, it will still bounce to your teammate. If the throw is a tough short hop, the defender can keep the ball in front and not allow the runner to move up, which is very important.
  3. It gives the cut off man control of the situation. This is important because the cut off man can let the ball go to the intended base or cut the ball and redirect it to another base for an out. If the ball is too high, the cut off man is of no use and the ball dictates what happens with the base runners rather than one of your teammates.
  4. It controls the offense/base runners. When the ball is thrown from an outfielder low where the cut off man has a play on the ball if he wants, it halts the advancement of base runners. It lets the defense control the running game.


Practice using a long hop when playing catch and warming up. The last few throws you make, practice bouncing the ball so it takes a nice easy to catch hop to your partner. This is a throw that needs to be practiced and will be extremely useful once the game starts.

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    I just spent some time watching my rising high school freshman son practice during freshman baseball camp, and I saw him use the long hop quite effectively during a cut off drill. His arm is very strong and accurate, but he typically throws lines drives to either to the cut off or the plate without a hop. This morning, using the long hop technique, his trajectories were low and accurate, and hence his throws spot on, which makes me wonder if a coach encouraged him to use the technique. It seemed to work for him and his targets, and I’m sure it helps him conserve arm strength. I’m a believer! Thank you for the article, Doug, and I wish you much success in your career!

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