Second Base Bunt Positioning

How to field a bunt.  Positioning and priorities for a second baseman during a bunt play.  Adjustments for the push bunt.

Bunt play positioning

Bunt play positioning for a second baseman is pretty basic as long as there are no pick off plays on.

As the second baseman, when the hitter shows bunt, you will be starting in your normal position but covering 1st base as the action progresses.

Things to remember:

  • The shortstop will be keeping the runner close to the second base bag.
  • Your number one priority is to get to first base if the bunt is successfully put down.

How to Field a Bunt

Step 1:  First, start where your normal alignment would be and move toward the hitter so you are almost in the baseline.

Step 2:  When you see that he is bunting take a few shuffles toward first base so if he happens to pull back and swing, you are still in position to field a ground ball.

Step 3: If he continues to bunt, sprint over to 1st base and be there in plenty of time for the throw to come to you for the out.

How to defend against a push bunt to second base.

SWB Yankee Greg Golson Prepares to bunt

SWB Yankee Greg Golson prepares to bunt. Image by Frank Lauri.

Second base positioning for suspected push bunters (A push bunt is between the pitcher and 1st base) is a slight adjustment.

You have two options for defending against a push bunt, so you’ll want to work it out in advance with the first baseman.

Option 1Tell the first baseman to stay at home and you will go to the baseball, this will probably require a glove flip to first or a bare hand play.

You may want to move a step closer to the hitter if you think he may want to push a bunt in your direction. Also, it helps to anticipate this play happening because you will need to get a good break on the ball.

Option 2The other option is to go directly towards first base and the first baseman will get everything and flip it to you.

Both of these plays are difficult, but they are both used, just depending on who is comfortable with what.

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