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14. What is circumference of baseball? 9 inches

A – 7 inches
B – 8 inches
C – 9 inches

Answer – The circumference of a baseball is 9 inches.

13. True or False? The size of pitching rubber is 24 inches by 12 inches.

Answer – False. The Size of the pitching rubber is 6 inches.

12.  What size is the batter’s box?

A – 4′ x 7′
B – 3.5′ x 6
C – 4′ x 6′

Answer – The size of the batter’s box is 4 feet by 6 feet.

11.  What’s the distance from home plate to second base?

Answer – 127 feet 3 3/8 inches

10.  How wide is home plate?

Answer – 17 inches

9.  True or false? A baseball weighs 7oz

Answer – False, the correct answer is 5oz.

8.  How Many Stitches does a baseball have?

Answer – 108

7.  True or False?  A cupped bat brings the “sweet spot” about an inch closer to your hands than a non cupped bat.

Answer – True

Phoenix Bats wood bat FAQ page has a nice little discussion on cupping and bat sweet spots.  (Incidentally, if you order a bat from them, using the code DougB10 will get you a 10% discount on your whole order.)

6. True or False?  Both feet must be in fair territory for 1st baseman holding runners on at 1st base. 

Answer – True

5.  Which Hall of Famer was also the oldest MLB rookie?

Answer – Leroy Robert “Satchel” Paige was 42 when he debuted in the MLB after playing in the Negro Leagues.  He also pitched three shutout innings in a regular season major league game when he was 59.  He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1971.

4.  Batter hits a screaming line drive that strikes the pitcher’s rubber and bounces back behind home plate; fair or foul?

Answer – Foul. The ball never passed a base in fair territory.
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3. If a hitter has plus speed, what is the best way to position the infielders and why?

A – One step pull
B – One step closer to hitter
C – Pinch the middle
D – Hug the lines (no doubles)

Answer:  The answer is (B).  Taking a step closer to the hitter means the ball will get to you faster.  This helps give the time needed to field the baseball with your normal rhythm while still beating the runner – and without feeling rushed and making mistakes. 

2.  What is the most you would have to turn a baseball (no matter how you grab it), to make sure you have an ideal 4 seam grip for throwing across the infield or from the outfield?

  • A) 1/2 turn of the baseball
  • B) 1/4 turn of the baseball
  • C) 3/4 turn of the baseball
Answer:  The answer is (B). No matter how the ball is in your hand, you have no more than a quarter turn any direction to get a 4-seam grip

1.  What are the two most used ways to defend the push bunt?  Which way do you think is more effective?

Answer:  A push bunt is any bunt toward the 1st base side of the infield.  The defense has 2 options for defending against a push bunt: (1) First baseman charges the baseball and the second baseman covers 1st base; or (2) the 2nd baseman charges.   Both of these plays are difficult, but they are both commonly used, just depending on who is comfortable with what.  In high school and college, the coach will usually decide who charges the baseball and who covers first base.  At the pro level, it will be up to the players to work it out.

I personally think that if it’s not where the first baseman can field it and touch the bag himself he should let the 2nd baseman field it.  It is more difficult for the 2nd baseman to race over to first base and stop on the bag.  If he goes past the bag he will collide with the runner.

Source:  Doug Bernier, Minnesota Twins

More tips for defending bunt plays for 2nd base; shortstop; and third base bunt defense positioning.

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