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Now you can get private baseball lessons from a pro, no matter where you live!

Video critiques from pro players will be available soon.  Drop us your info and we’ll keep you informed!

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Just send in a short video for critique and commentary by professional players. The instructor will review your video and send back a video of his own – made just for you – with suggestions for improvement and skill-building drill ideas.

Once you send us your video, we will create a private student page for you. Your student page will contain:

  1. Your Video – The videos you submit
  2. Response Video – Your pro instructor’s personalized response videos, including the use of swing analysis software to clearly analyze and discuss potential improvements to your baseball swing
  3. Written recommendations –  Specific written critique and recommendations for improvement
  4. Drill recommendations – New drill suggestions based on your specific needs
  5. Discussion Q & A – A section for comments where you can ask questions and your instructor can respond

Your page can be made public or pass-word protected. It’s your choice.

Just use the form below to get started, or if you have questions, feel free to contact Doug.

Our Instructors:

Doug Bernier - Hitting and Fielding
How to have a better baseball swing. New York Yankee, Doug Bernier, offers baseball hitting instruction, including the importance and how to execute effective rhythm and load of a baseball swing.

Yankee Shortstop Doug Bernier

Doug Bernier, founder of Baseball-Insider.com, had his Major League debut with the Colorado Rockies in 2008.

He is currently playing at the triple a level for the New York Yankees. He has attended the spring training at the Major League level for the last three years – including two years with the NY Yankees and one year with the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Doug’s fielding percentage is among the best in professional baseball every year, and was named the New York Yankees “Fielder of the month” this past June. Read more about Doug

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  1. Avatar für Ken J

    Ground ball to the pitcher with a guy on third and the batting is safe at first because the pitcher never had a throw. The runner on third never runs because its not a force out. This is softball, so the bases are shorter. Is this a fielders choice or hit?

    • Avatar für Charles

      IF I understand you correctly, by the time the pitcher fielded the ball, the batter-runner was already close enough to first that the pitcher didn’t feel s/he had a play, and so held the ball to keep the runner at third. Assuming that’s correct: In baseball (see MLB Rule 10.12(a)(1) comment), if there is no misplay, there is no error; if there is no play attempted on the other runner, it’s not a fielder’s choice. So score that as a hit.

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