Baseball Strategy & Situational Hitting Quick Tip – How to score a runner from third base


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Baseball Strategy and Situational Hitting – How to score a runner from third base (and increase your RBI)

RBI could very well be the most important offensive stat since obviously the goal of this game is to score runs.

Of course, it’s nice if there is a runner at first base, you drive a ball in the gap, got a nice RBI, that’s beautiful.

But what we really want to focus on here is scoring guys from 3rd base with less than two outs, because to win games you HAVE to capitalize on those opportunities.

How to score a runner on 3rd base with less than 2 outs – Where do you want to hit the ball?

So first, we look at our infield.

If the infield is back…

The main thing to remember here is to stay away from the corners.

If the infield’s playing back, the middle is your goal.

We try to drive the ball obviously but if we miss, lets hit a nice ground ball up the middle, towards short stop and 2nd base.

The runner can walk home.

We want to stay away from the corners because they’re going to be playing a little closer.

If we hit the ball to them there could be a play at the plate.

If the infield is in…

If the infield is in – We need to drive the ball. Get the ball in the air (As opposed to above, where a ground ball to 2nd still had a chance of scoring the runner – That won’t work if the infield is in.)

The easiest area to get the ball in the air is going to be your hits between center field and the opposite gap, so aim for that if you’re trying to score the runner from third.

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