Best Amazon Prime Day Deals for BASEBALL 2022


Former Major Leaguer shares his favorite picks for Prime Day 2022

I’ve been in baseball my entire life (16 pro seasons, and now I coach), so it’s fair to say I’m selective about my baseball equipment.   Today is Amazon Prime Day, and here’s some of my favorite items that are discounted right now.

Great Baseball Books

Raise Your Game

Best books for baseball on prime

Raise Your Game – High-Performance Secrets from the Best of the Best – 30% Off (Normally $17.99 get it for $12.99 right now)

OK, it’s not actually all about baseball.  But the principles are still incredibly relevant.  GREAT BOOK.


Performance coach Alan Stein Jr. shares the secret principles used by world-class performers that will help you improve your productivity and achieve higher levels of success.

High achievers are at the top of their game because of the discipline they have during the unseen hours. They have made a commitment to establish, tweak, and repeat positive habits in everything they do. Raise Your Game examines the top leaders in sports and business and proves that success is a result of the little things we do all the time.

The basic principles provided in Raise Your Game are simple, but not easy. We live in an instantly downloadable world that encourages us to skip steps. We are taught to chase what’s hot, flashy, and sexy and ignore what’s basic. But the basics work. They always have, and they always will.

Raise Your Games will inspire and empower you to commit to the fundamentals, create a winning mindset, and progress into new levels of success.


MVP Machine

MVP Machine – $3 Off

I’ve recommended this book before, but I’m happy to do it again.  It’s that good.

Move over, Moneyball — this New York Times bestseller examines major league baseball’s next cutting-edge revolution: the high-tech quest to build better players.
As bestselling authors Ben Lindbergh and Travis Sawchik reveal in The MVP Machine, the Moneyball era is over. Fifteen years after Michael Lewis brought the Oakland Athletics’ groundbreaking team-building strategies to light, every front office takes a data-driven approach to evaluating players, and the league’s smarter teams no longer have a huge advantage in valuing past performance.

Lindbergh and Sawchik’s behind-the-scenes reporting reveals:

  • How undersized afterthoughts José Altuve and Mookie Betts became big sluggers and MVPs
  • How polarizing pitcher Trevor Bauer made himself a Cy Young contender
  • How new analytical tools have overturned traditional pitching and hitting techniques
  • How a wave of young talent is making MLB both better than ever and arguably worse to watch

Instead of out-drafting, out-signing, and out-trading their rivals, baseball’s best minds have turned to out-developing opponents, gaining greater edges than ever by perfecting prospects and eking extra runs out of older athletes who were once written off. Lindbergh and Sawchik take us inside the transformation of former fringe hitters into home-run kings, show how washed-up pitchers have emerged as aces, and document how coaching and scouting are being turned upside down. The MVP Machine charts the future of a sport and offers a lesson that goes beyond baseball: Success stems not from focusing on finished products, but from making the most of untapped potential.


Prime day deals for baseball gear

Batting Tee

My favorite batting tee by far is this one. I love the weighted base. I used it for years when I was playing with the Twins and Rangers. And now I use it as I teach my daughters how to hit a softball. It’s even better for them, because the weighted base keeps it from getting knocked over (there’s nothing more annoying than a tee that won’t stay put or keeps falling over). As a bonus, it’s claw-shaped base means you can place it on a raised home plate and it doesn’t wobble at all. Click here for a huge discount on the Tanner Heavy

Flat Training Cones

OK, these ones aren’t actually discounted.  But I use them so much that I’m including them anyways.  I love flat cones because you can do fielding drills and the cones won’t interfere with the ball or the footwork.  These are the flat cones I use.

7×7 Pop Up Net

Everyone baseball player needs a net if they want to practice at home (mine is permanently setup in the garage). And this net is an insane price right now for Prime Day.

Bat Grip

Lizard skins are great bat grips. This one is an American Flag

  • Hook and Loop closure
  • Easy to apply to any wood or metal bats
  • Maximum grip in wet or dry conditions
  • Light (1.00 mm) advanced feel/control on alloy & composite bats, suitable for woods bats
  • Designed to match perfectly with our Clutch Batting Glove collections

See all Lizard skins on Prime Deal

Batting Gloves

If you’re picky about your batting gloves like I was, then you gotta go with Franklin. I used Franklin batting gloves the entire time I played in the Major Leagues. I have no idea if this is the same model, but the reviews on these Franklin batting gloves are really good. 4.7 out of 5 stars on more than 11K reviews.

*To see the Prime Deal price, you first have to select your size

Throw Down Rubber Bases

Every active family can benefit from having throw down bases.  Whether it’s a pickup game of whiffle ball or kickball, they’re very useful to have around.

Description: Made with weather resistant rubber, this durable baseball base set is perfect for baseball practice in the backyard or park. The set comes with three rubber baseball bases that can act as kickball bases or a softball bases set

Easton Youth Baseball Bat Backpack

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4.8 Stars on 3,433 Reviews

  • DESIGNED FOR THE INTERMEDIATE PLAYER, intermediate players will be game ready with Easton’s Game Ready Backpack
  • STORAGE IN MAIN COMPARTMENT to fit a batting helmet and ball glove
  • TWO MESH SIDE POCKETS that comfortably fit either a bat or water bottle
  • FRONT POCKET for personal items or anything you want to keep separated from your gear
  • PADDED BACK AND SHOULDER STRAPS for easy carrying and comfort
  • FENCE HOOK gives you the ability to keep your bag off the ground and hung in the dugout for field fence
  • DIMENSIONS: 20.5″H x 13.5″W x 8.5″D

Get the backpack 20% off

My Big Win of the Day

And finally, it’s not baseball related, but here was my big purchase for the day:  Smart Meat Thermometer with Bluetooth (AKA, no wires)


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