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We are testing out baseball practice nets and adding the results to this page as we go.

#1 – Review of the Pitcher’s Pocket 9 Hole Net

NOT just for pitchers.

Best baseball throwing net reviews - Better baseball pitcher's pocket 9 hole

Adjustable height for chest level or strike zone target

The Pitcher’s Pocket 9 hole by Better Baseball was the first baseball practice net I tested, and I really like it.


  • Team or individual Use.  The Pitcher’s Pocket is the throwing net of choice for some very elite baseball schools I have worked with.  It is also ideal for individuals practicing at home.  So, it’s durable enough to hold up to team use, but it’s not sized or priced out of range for individual use.
  • Sturdy.  Portable.  It was easy to move around, and at the same time very stable and durable.   That combination is hard to come by.  Best baseball throwing nets reviewed, portable and sturdy, easy storageMost portable nets are very flimsy, and most seriously sturdy baseball nets won’t fit in your car.  The net fit in the back seat of my car, which is a sedan, but not the trunk.  I’m sure it would fit in an average SUV no problem.  So, by portable, I don’t mean “travel sized.”  It’s not going to fit in your backpack or anything like that.  But since the height drops and the legs spin flat with the net, it’s much easier to store or transport from place to place.  It’s also light enough for one person to easily move it around.
  • (see the video below if you want to see how it in action)
  • Unique throwing target.  The 9 pockets (12 or 16 pockets also available) are helpful for evaluating throwing accuracy.  The feedback is immediate and concrete.  The ball is where it is.  No debating or disagreeing – except maybe for the occasional ball that hits a bungee cord instead and pops out. The net raises up to the height of a normal person, or lowers to simulate a strike zone.  This means it can work for pitching drills, as well as catching, infield and outfield drills.For coaches thinking outside the box, the net could be use for competitive games during team practice.  (If you have thought of a good game to utilize the pockets in this baseball throwing net, please let us know!  We’ll send you a book of drills or a T-shirt or something.)
  • Easy to assemble.  And by that, I mean really easy.  It comes fully assembled except you have to insert the legs.
  • Options.  This throwing net comes in quite a few different colors.  It’s also available in 9, 12, or 16 holes.  The 9 hole is 3′ 6″ Tall x 2′ 8″ Wide and the 16 hole is 4’5″ Tall by 4′ Wide.


I wasn’t a fan of the thumbscrews that are used to raise and lower the net, just because they can slip if not tightened enough.   But they do get the job done, so it’s not really a big deal.  Just make sure they’re tightened enough. The good part is it only takes a little turn to loosen the screws and the net will raise or lower easily, or the legs can be turned to lay flat with the net for storage. Options.  This throwing net comes in quite a few different colors.  It’s also available in 9, 12, or 16 holes.  The 9 hole is 3′ 6″ Tall x 2′ 8″ Wide and the 16 hole is 4’5″ Tall by 4′ Wide. (Check out the video below to see the net in action) Pricing. The table below helps you compare pricing at a glance. We shopped around to see which of our affiliates offers the best price on the net (after cost of shipping). The clear winner was Hitting World.

Hitting WorldAmazonBetter Baseball
9 holes  (click here to get it) $235.00 $249.95 $234.95
shipping$45.00 $59.95 $94.36
total cost  $280.00 $309.90 $329.31
12 holes (click here to get it)$250.00 $300.00 $279.95
shipping $45.00 $59.95 $95.00
total cost $295.00 $359.95 $374.95
16 holes (click here to get it) n/a $325.00 $324.95
shipping $59.95 $95.26
total cost $384.95 $420.21

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#2. Coming soon – Bownet Big Mouth

#3. Coming soon – Sklz Quickster and Quickster Combo

Coming soon - reviews and summary for best baseball throwing nets

Coming soon!  Testing and rating baseball throwing nets

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