Inside You'll Learn:

6 points of blocking form for keeping the baseball close - Does the ball roll too far away when you block? Here are some keys for keeping it close!

2 critical safety tips - There's no faster way to develop a fear of blocking (or to get seriously injured) than to ignore these.

Created by World Series winning catcher Ryan Lavarnway - Ryan Lavarnway debuted in the Major Leagues in 2011 and has played for the Red Sox, A's, Pirates, Orioles and Yankees

Image caption: Ryan Lavarnway and David Ortiz celebrate victory with Manager Terry Francona, 2011

The Expert: Ryan Lavarnway was drafted out of Yale University and went on to become a successful MLB Catcher (Red Sox, Orioles, Braves, Athletics, Pirates) & 2013 World Series champion. 

Lavarnway's unique story led him to develop a passion for helping young players succeed in baseball, and in catching in particular. In 2017, Ryan spent all off season with Pro Baseball Insider... working hard to create valuable resounces and tools to help young catchers learn to cherish being a catcher... and to be darn good at it! 

"It's well known that a good catcher is critical for winning games. That alone makes a skilled catcher one of the most valuable resources a team can have (That's why people often say that "catching is the fastest way to the Big Leagues"). 

However, catching is so much more than that. 

The leadership skills a kid develops while learning the catching position... 

...will serve him well for the rest of his life

That's why I want to help kids learn the position. When they begin to develop confidence, they fall in love with catching."

- Ryan Lavarnway