Are you breaking too many bats?


Have you ever broken an expensive wood bat long before you were ready to say good bye?

I have.

In fact, I’ve had bats that retailed $160+ and broke during my VERY FIRST at bat!

It’s can be frustrating, but I know I’m not alone.

Carlos Gonzalez was consistently every year leading the league in broken bats.

But all that stopped when he switched bat companies.

Since he switched to my bat company (meaning the one I’ve used for about 6 years now, not like it’s “mine”), Cargo’s been off that list, and even dropped his count to only 4 broken bats last year (a high number would be more like a single player breaking 20 to 25 bats in a season).

Of course, wood bats, no matter how good, will always break.

But I can say that his experience was very similar to mine when I started using B45 bats. I went from breaking as many as 8 in a year down to only 1 or 2 when I switched (that’s a massive $ savings!).

I think that’s because they only use yellow birch wood, which has the hardness of maple but also the flex of ash.

If you want to try the bat Cargo and I use, a B45 bat, I have an exclusive coupon code only for you, the Pro Baseball Insiders for 20% off.

So, copy this code PBIMAY20 and use it for 20% off your bat from B45 online.

Here it is:

But hurry, because it expires May 18th!

Happy bat shopping,


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    B45 sells their bats at a very high price,

    there is other companies making birch bats as good as B45 selling them a lot cheaper.

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