Expert Contributor FAQ

Your potential customers are trying to find you!  We’ll help you reach out to them for free, while positioning yourself as an expert and benefiting the community all at the same time.

Are you looking to promote your business to your target audience FOR FREE?

You can gain free exposure for your business, market your services to a high quality audience, position yourself as an industry expert, AND do something good for the community. How? Contribute an instructional article or video to PBI. Don’t like to write or make videos? No sweat. We can set up a time to interview you (by phone or other), and we’ll do the writing.

***IMPORTANT – PBI is looking for contributors with very specific qualifications – Must have played baseball, coached, scouted, or other at the MLB or MiLB level.  See below for more detailed info.

Q1 – How will I benefit?

You and your business will GET SEEN by thousands of people, and you won’t have to pay a dime.  You can give back to the baseball community by sharing your valuable baseball knowledge AND put $ in your pocket as you promote your business, blog or charity of your choice.

The first time you contribute quality, original baseball instruction or tips, you will forever earn a spot on our Expert Contributors page. This includes a bio of your baseball experience, info about your business, and a way for interested potential customers to contact you.  We can also include A LINK to your website (the all-important link, great for SEO power to your website).

You’ll also have a short bio at the end of EVERY article, and have your name or brand splashed across our various social media channels in front of thousands more of your target consumers. Great contributions may even go viral! All of which points thousands of new baseball players and player-parents toward you.

Interested?  Contact Us or email Sarah(at)  Not sure?

Q2 – Who will I get seen by?

Our audience consists mainly of the following:
• Serious baseball players – ages 12 through college
• Parents of players
• Coaches

Q3 – What exactly will you do for me?

Here’s a list of the benefits we provide to our guest contributors:

  • Be featured as an expert on our blog
  • Be featured as an expert on our Pro Contributors page
  • Be featured as an expert throughout our social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus and Checkswing
  • Expert bio with business contact info will remain on Pro Baseball as long as your content contributions do
  • Get seen by tens of thousands of visitors to our website
  • Get seen by thousands of your target customers through social media
  • Every additional contribution includes additional opportunities to be seen by your target audience
  • High quality backlink to your website
  • Free search engine optimization of your donated content (i.e. Helping Google, YouTube, etc rank your article and your info high in the search results = more traffic to your website or business!)

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER— Your expert bio and other promotional placements will remain as long as your content remains on the website. We reserve the right to remove your content contributions at any time.

Who can contribute?

Present or former professional baseball players, coaches, scouts, trainers, and umpires with MLB or MiLB experience. Also, medical or psychological experts with demonstrable experience working with MLB or MiLB clients.

What do I have to do to get this free advertising for my biz?

Choose any one...  Ways to become a contributor and receive the all the benefits of free promotion described above include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Write – Submit an original article (we will not accept a copy of something that has been published elsewhere)
  • Video – Instructional video; whether talking or demonstrating, a video is fast way to reach A LOT of people, if you know how to maximize it through your distribution channels.  That’s what we can help you with.
  • Talk – Don’t like to write or be on camera? Set up a phone interview, and we’ll do the rest of the work
  • Have another idea? We’d like to hear it

The bottom line is this – We are looking for quality baseball tips and instruction from qualified experts to put in front of our high-caliber baseball audience.

What are some topics I can write about?

Hitting, fielding, pitching, physical strength and quickness, mental skills, staying healthy, baseball career advice, etc. If your topic would be of interest to a serious baseball player, then it might be a good candidate for Pro Baseball Insider.

You can suggest a topic or headline, or we can suggest some great topic ideas for you.

Sample Topics:

  • 6 ways to increase your power at the plate
  • How to increase first step quickness and get more hits
  • 3 Tips for a killer fastball
  • 4 Common mistakes catchers make, and how to avoid them
  • The common baseball injury that could end your career, and how to avoid it
  • How to catch a fly ball on the warning track; tips for dealing with the outfield wall
  • How to choose a great pair of baseball sunglasses

Do I have to have pro experience to contribute content?

Generally, yes. There are a few exceptions.

  • You have a pro source – Your business can sponsor/submit content and receive the promotional benefits as long as the SOURCE of the content is professional baseball player, or other qualifying expert (For example, you interviewed the source and then wrote the article or sent us the video).
  • Research and Statistics – Certain well-researched and scientifically-documented pieces may be acceptable. Please contact us for pre-approval of your topic
  • Medical or psychological experts – If you work with professional baseball players/teams, you are welcome to contribute knowledge in the area of their expertise (Ex. Common baseball injuries and how to avoid them)

If you are interested in becoming a baseball expert guest contributor, you’re in the right place!  Just send an email to Sarah(at) to get started, ask questions, or request subject ideas.

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    My name is John Murphy. I was recently released by the New York Yankees and am now looking to take my next step in life and further people’s knowledge in baseball. I have started up my own website ( and I was wondering if you would be interested in letting me do a guest post for your site. Let me know! Thank you!

    John M. Murphy

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