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Famous athletes often develop unique and amusing good luck rituals to help them perform at their best or ease pre-game nerves. While some of these rituals might seem quirky or even superstitious, they can become endearing and well-known parts of an athlete’s persona. Here are a few examples of funny good luck rituals from famous athletes:

  1. Michael Jordan’s UNC Shorts: Basketball legend Michael Jordan was known for wearing his University of North Carolina shorts under his Chicago Bulls uniform in every game. He continued this ritual throughout his entire NBA career, believing it brought him good luck and success on the court.
  2. Serena Williams’ Tying of Shoelaces: Tennis superstar Serena Williams has a unique ritual of tying her shoelaces in a specific way before each match. She threads her shoelaces through each eyelet of her tennis shoes a particular number of times, believing it helps her feel more secure and focused during play.
  3. Jason Terry’s Game-Day Meal: Former NBA player Jason Terry had a quirky pre-game ritual of eating a meal from Subway before every game. He even went so far as to call it his “lucky sandwich,” claiming that it brought him good fortune on the court.
  4. Wade Boggs’ Chicken Ritual: Hall of Fame baseball player Wade Boggs was known for his superstitious habits. One of his most famous rituals was eating chicken before each game, earning him the nickname “Chicken Man.” He believed it helped him perform well, and it became a humorous part of his legacy.
  5. Rafael Nadal’s Water Bottle Placement: Tennis icon Rafael Nadal has a unique habit of placing his water bottles in a specific arrangement beside his chair during matches. The bottles must be perfectly aligned, facing a particular direction, and set up in a specific pattern. This ritual is believed to help him maintain focus and control on the court.
  6. Nomar Garciaparra’s Batting Routine: Former MLB player Nomar Garciaparra was renowned for his intricate batting routine. He would adjust his batting gloves between each pitch, tugging at various parts of his uniform, and performing other rituals before stepping into the batter’s box. It became a defining and humorous aspect of his playing style.
  7. Lionel Messi’s Kissed Rosary: Argentine soccer superstar Lionel Messi is known for his devout Catholic faith. Before every match, he kisses a rosary given to him by his mother. It’s a personal ritual that helps him find comfort and strength on the field.
  8. Carles Puyol’s Pre-Game Hair Pull: Former Barcelona and Spain defender Carles Puyol had a unique ritual before each game. He would grab and tug on the long hair of one of his teammates, believing it brought good luck. The ritual was done in good spirits and was seen as a way to bond with his fellow players.
  9. Turk Wendell’s Necklace and Toothpaste: Former MLB pitcher Turk Wendell had several quirky superstitions. He wore a necklace made of animal teeth, chewed black licorice during games, and insisted on brushing his teeth between innings. These habits were believed to bring him good luck and success on the mound.
  10. Michael Phelps’ Music Choice: Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps had a particular song he listened to before each race—”Boom Boom Pow” by The Black Eyed Peas. He credits the song for helping him get into the right mindset and find focus before hitting the water.
  11. Paul O’Neill’s On-Deck Circle Routine: Former MLB outfielder Paul O’Neill had an elaborate on-deck circle routine. He would step out of the batter’s box between pitches and adjust his batting gloves multiple times. O’Neill believed this helped him stay focused and centered at the plate.
  12. Wade Boggs’ Batting Practice: Another Wade Boggs ritual involved his pre-game batting practice. He had a strict routine of taking exactly 150 ground balls and 150 swings during warm-ups. This precise routine became a source of amusement and admiration among fans and fellow players.
  13. Jason Giambi’s Gold Thong: Former MLB slugger Jason Giambi had an unusual “golden” ritual. When he was in a hitting slump, he would wear a gold lamé thong to break out of it. Though it may have been a humorous attempt to break bad luck, it became a legendary story in baseball lore.
  14. Glen Davis’ Gum Routine: Former NBA player Glen “Big Baby” Davis had a habit of chewing six pieces of gum during games. He believed it helped him stay focused and relaxed on the court.

More MLB Players with funny Rituals:

These entertaining and sometimes eccentric rituals show how athletes use routines and superstitions to find comfort and focus in high-pressure situations.

While these rituals may not have any direct impact on their performance, they serve as a source of motivation and routine for the athletes, helping them channel their energy and maintain a positive mindset during competition.

The human mind is a complex and fascinating aspect of sports, and these rituals add a touch of humor and personality to the world of athletics.

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