How to break in a catchers mitt

Washington Nationals catcher Cole Leonida walks you through how to break in a catchers mitt.

Stop!  Don’t run over your brand new baseball mitt with a car!  Don’t pour oil on it or beat it with a bat… There are a lot of crazy ways people have tried to break in a new baseball glove.

Even with great catching technique, you could still end up dropping the baseball if your glove is working against you.

The problem with running over your glove with a car is that you do NOT want to have a pancake glove.  It’s very important to break the mitt in with the proper shape that will enhance and not harm your ability to catch the baseball and make plays.

How to break in a catchers mitt

Wilson Baseball glove Guru and Master Craftsman Aso illustrates the proper way to break in a baseball catcher’s mitt.

The image above is Aso, the Master glove craftsman for Wilson.  His drawing demonstrates that you don’t want a crease in your glove.  He also shows you how to break in a catchers mitt.  The only problem is he uses a specialized tool, which most people don’t have just laying around.

But the good news is, that special tool isn’t necessary.  Using the tips from Cole (in the video above), you can form your baseball mitt into the proper shape.

  • Step 1 – Form the pocket with baseballs (see video)
  • Step 2 – Play catch AMAP.   Playing catch might be the slow way, but it’s the best way to be sure the glove forms correctly
  • Warning – Don’t squeeze the glove or do any of the things that will make a flat crease in it.

Good luck!


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    That’s a good idea to play catch with your new mitt. I would assume that would help you form it to the way you catch the ball. I’ll have to make sure to do that if I decide to get a new mitt.

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    David Nelams on

    Finally a web site where parents like me who are disabled living on a SSI income can learn from pro players without losing the farm! I have a 9yr old son who loves baseball and since we can’t afford the outrageous prices of travel ball Rec ball is what he plays. I’ve made a homemade pitching mound,purchased an inexpensive pitching machine,borrowed catchers gear from friends to help him try and succeed at a sport he absolutely loves! So when I find sites like this I can’t tell you how much it means to us.

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      Thank you not alone I am a 21 year retired navy disabled veteran who has gone through 2 heart attacks and now fighting stage 3 pancreatic cancer and to on a fixed income and to get free advice from a professional is such a blessing. Thank you for helping so many out with your video’s , knowledgeable professional advice and question answering is such a great blessing to so many touching so many hearts keep true to your heart and a love of the game your a BLESSING GOD BLESS and THANK YOU SO MUCH for keeping it free looking out to reach so many

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