How to Discover What’s Causing Your Fielding Errors… & Bad Throws… so you can fix it for good


That look on an infielder’s face, when something finally clicks…

That look that says, “Woh, I had no idea I could field a baseball like that!”

That’s my favorite.

It why I do what I do.

The Problem

I meet so many players who are just “spinning their wheels” for YEARS.

They work so hard…

…but just don’t have the tools and knowledge they need to push through some of the sneaky problems that are holding them back.

In almost all of these cases, the player is aware of the SYMPTOM (fielding errors, poor throws, not looking or feeling smooth, not attracting the right attention from coaches or recruiters, etc.)

But 99% of them have NO IDEA what is the actual root cause of their problems..

And here’s the important part… it’s different for different players!

It could be fielding footwork.

It could be a mental hang up.  It could be visual.

Or it could be the kind of fielding drills you’re doing!

So having some insight into what’s going on, so you can develop a custom approach…


…is SO important.

Free Diagnostic Tool for Infielders

After working with thousands of infielders, from youth to pro…

(During the off season when I’m not traveling with the Colorado Rockies, I run the infield program at nearby baseball facility, and each week I see hundreds of infielders.)

…I realized something

99% of infielders fall into one of 4 types!

And this is a HUGE key to helping the infielder see what is the NEXT STEP —- in their own individual journey — to see significant improvement.

Knowing your type can show unique strengths to capitalize on…

…and help pinpoint the sneaky problems that are holding you back.

That’s why I’m SO thrilled to introduce you to a brand new diagnostic tool that I created.

It’s a quiz that asks a series of questions.

These questions are very strategic, because they help me to identify which of the 4 Types you fit into (The 4 Types are Collision, Mechanical, Stationary, or Multi-Dimensional)

How to stop making so many fielding errors and bad throws. How to discover what's blocking your development as an infielder

And then once armed with that important knowledge about your situation, I can make custom recommendations for what skills you need to focus on to get to the next level.

And I can also recommend drills that are specifically designed for that exact outcome.

Once we know your results, I’ll send you a custom report with all of my recommendations for your Type.

How to stop making so many fielding errors and bad throws! Free expert help

So if you’ve ever dealt with…

  • Inconsistent fielding
  • Feeling rushed
  • Throws that are weak or off target
  • Balls that bounce off your glove or roll up your arm
  • Not looking “smooth” enough to attract attention of coaches & recruiters
  • Uncomfortable with your backhand or forehand
  • Frustrated with balls that are “just out of reach”

…then I invite you to find out EXACTLY WHY.

Let’s pinpoint the ROOT CAUSE.

Once you know that answer, you’ll be shocked at how fast you can accelerate your growth.

How to get the Free Infielder Evaluation

To find out your “Infielder Type,” take This FREE 60 Second Quiz:

👉   [Quiz]  What Type of Infielder are You?

Keep the hunger,

Doug Bernier

(Who’s Doug?)

Minnesota Twins shortstop Doug Bernier applies tag at second base on a stealing Houston Astros Jose Altuve in the fifth inning of their baseball game in Minneapolis, Sunday, Aug. 4, 2013.


Free Diagnostic Tool:

[Quiz] What Type of Infielder Are you?

Knowing your “Infielder Type” helps identify the sneaky problems that are blocking your infield success

(hint – it’s NOT the same for everyone)

This free tool was developed by Defensive Specialist, former MLB infielder Doug Bernier, to help infielders figure out what’s holding them back.

Once these issues are identified and a plan for success is in place, most infielders can finally see rapid improvement.

Click here to take the 60 Second Quiz for infielders who want to improve

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Doug Bernier, founder of Pro Baseball, debuted in the Major Leagues in 2008 with the Colorado Rockies, and has played professional baseball for 5 organizations (CO Rockies, NY Yankees, PIT Pirates, MN Twins, & TX Rangers) over the past 16 years. He has Major League time at every infield position, and has played every position on the field professionally except for catcher. (You should click to watch this great defensive play by Bernier) Where is he now? After 16 years of playing professionally, Doug retired and took a position as a Major League scout with the Colorado Rockies for 2 years. Currently Doug is the Data and Game Planning Coordinator with the Colorado Rockies


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