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Press Release #1 – Pro Baseball Insider is Launched!  Pro baseball tips free for kids

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Doug Bernier hits for the New York Yankees. How having a two strike hitting approach can make you a better hitter.

PBI Founder, Doug Bernier. Image by Ed Wolfstein.

Message from the Founder.  Pro Baseball exists to share quality baseball instruction and tips from the pros with up-and-coming young players, from youth baseball to college age and even other pros.

I well remember the bad advice or conflicting coaching that I received.  In some cases, it took years for me to overcome bad habits that I never would have developed if I had access to a professional player or coach to ask questions and learn the proper way of playing the game.

Every contributor to this website has played or coached for an MLB or MiLB organization.  Having achieved such a high level of expertise has given our contributors valuable insight into the game of baseball, and sharing that wisdom is one way we are giving back to the baseball community.  In addition to the hundreds of free articles and videos containing pro tips, PBI makes it possible for kids to ask their own specific baseball questions and get answers from a pro player.

Also, special thanks to my wife Sarah, who handles everything behind-the-scenes and makes the free instruction on this site possible with her hard work and support.

Thanks for visiting, and play hard!  – Doug Bernier, Co-Founder of Pro Baseball

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If you have any problems, please contact Sarah(at) Doug Bernier (Minnesota Twins) & wife Sarah co-founded Pro Baseball Insider (PBI) together. PBI is a platform where professional baseball players can donate their knowledge free to the public. For help, please email Sarah(at) or use this form: Contact PBI.

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  1. Avatar für Jose Ramos

    Hello my name is Jose Ramos and I’m the coach of a newly formed baseball team called the Little Dolphins. We are about to register for the minor leagues and I want some advice from a pro. How do you prepare or motivate your kids for their first baseball game? Obviously, we want to win but I want to encourage the kids to also have fun. Should I mostly focus on passion and do you have any tips for kids who struggle to bat?

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