Beware of the danger zone when playing 3rd base [video]


Minnesota Twins infielder Doug Bernier shares a pro tip for playing third base, a critical mistake that all 3rd basemen should know to avoid.

This one minute video tip could make you a dramatically better third baseman.  Do you make this common mistake?

Video Transcript:  Playing 3rd base, Beware the danger zone 

Hey guys, Doug Bernier from, today we are at 3rd base and I’m going to talk to you a little bit about positioning.

We know that if a guy can bunt, we are going to play in a little closer. We know if a guy doesn’t run real well, but he hits the ball pretty far, we are going to back up to give us some room for some more range.

The “No Fly Zone”
“There is a little area, it’s about 5-7 foot, I call it “No Fly Zone”, from the baseline between 3rd and 2nd back about 5-7 feet. If we are in this area, we are too far back to field the bunt and we are too close to give us good range.”

Expecting a Bunt
“Also, in this area, we tend to get hops that are right near the cut of the grass and the dirt and sometimes they are unpredictable. So for me, I like to at least be on the grass if I am expecting a bunt, maybe in a couple steps on the grass.”

General Positioning
“If I’m not worried about the bunt, two strikes, whatever, I like to be back a little bit. I don’t have to be too deep, but I like to be behind the 5-7 foot area. So if a ball takes a weird hop off that cut, I can still react and make a play.”

More Range= Getting to more balls
“And also, it gives me a little bit more range to make it on a hard hit ball. Instead of one step and a dive, I may have a step and a half and a dive or two steps and a dive. So it gives me a little bit more range to hopefully get that guy on a ground ball.”

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I hope this quick tip for playing third base is helpful.  I invite you to leave comments, questions, or future topic suggestions in the comments below.  Play hard!


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