Five “Done for you” Baseball DEFENSE Practice Plans (With VIDEO)

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Here are 5 “Done for you” DEFENSE practice plans.  I hope this helps with your team practice planning.

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Baseball Defense Practice Plans

On this page you’ll find 5 separate Defense Practice Plans.

These plans are strategically designed to accomplish multiple important goals that baseball coaches and teams need to be concerned about.

  1. Getting the most out of limited practice time
  2. Keeping players engaged
  3. Strategic use of field space
  4. Developing all of the most important skills… the ones that will actually impact your season and the player’s future
  5. Not just doing infield drills and outfield drills, but ALSO involving catchers, baserunning, team defense, mental aspect, etc.
  6. Developing players at multiple positions (this is important!)
  7. Progress skill development from introduction to mastery to finally, GAME READY.

Game-readiness needs to include some important elements that most practice don’t.  I’ll talk more in the videos below about how to make sure your players don’t get flustered when they experience faster pace of play and the increased pressure of real game situations.

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Introduction Video

Daily Baseball Throwing Routine  (AKA “Catch Routine”)

This throwing routine is something you’ll want to do at the beginning of every baseball practice.

Not only are players getting their arms warmed up, but there’s something powerful about starting practice off with an intentional routine like this.

The players know exactly what to do at the beginning of every practice.  It’s player led, so the coach can do the other things needed to prepare for practice.

It looks sharp, which has an intimidation factor for the other team.  It also makes parents and scouts pay attention with some respect.

And it sets a good tone for the rest of practice, where players are taking some personal pride and ownership of their development.

*** I recommend you print out the catch routine for the player that is leading, especially when you first start using this routine.  If you don’t already have the printable PDF’s for all 5 practice plans, click here and tell me where to email them. They can be in your inbox 60 seconds from right now.

After the catch routine, position players will go straight into on knee glove work.

Daily On Knees Glovework

Again, this is going to be part of every baseball practice.  This throwing routine and on knees glovework videos are separate because they apply for all 5 defensive practice plans below.

Use this glovework routine to get more touches in a short amount of time than you ever could doing full-length ground balls alone.  I can’t emphasize this enough.  From my pro guys that I train, all the way to my youngest youth players, infielders should NEVER skip this part of practice.  Welcome to your new normal!

These 5 downloadable PDF’s will explain how to run a youth baseball practice during the defensive portion of practice.

Defense Practice Plan #1

Practice # 1 emphasis is learning player led catch & daily drill routine.

We will spend time on base running from Home to first base, along with showing HOW to take a lead at first base.

4 corners throwing with all players then break into 4 stations.

These stations are for all players. We want to build baseball players and we want all players to be comfortable at multiple positions.

Coaches, start to get an idea of which teammate would like to lead the throwing & drill routine, they will start to work through it this week with help from us and you.

Defense Practice Plan #2

Practice 2 emphasis is taking a step closer to a player led catch & daily drill routine.

Baserunning will be spent at 1st base, reviewing how to take a lead, and going through 1st base scenarios. We will do some defensive drill work and then split up into 3B & SS and get a lot of ground balls.

Coaches, have the same player run the catch routine.

After the catch routine, Position Players will go straight into on knee glove work, and then the Catch Routine.  I recommend printing the Catch routine list for the player who is leading.

If you don’t have it already, you can get all the printouts here:

Defense Practice Plan #3

Day 3 emphasis is taking a step closer to a player led catch & daily drill routine. Our base running will take place at second base, learning how to take leads and scoring from 2nd on a base hit. Defensively, we are focusing on hop recognition, double play turns and team infield. Same captain will run the team throwing routine. After the catch routine, Position players will go straight into on knee glove work. 

Defense Practice Plan #4

This is the 4th practice plan for this defensive skills progression.

Practice # 4 emphasis is continuing our player led catch & daily drill routine.

Base running will be talking & working through 3rd base scenarios. Defensively, catchers will throw, infielder’s and outfielder’s will have drills then we will finish with team defense.

Defense Practice Plan #5

As players get more comfortable with the drills you’re doing, we’re going to slowly increase the difficulty level.

In the video below, I’m going to talk about WHAT we’re trying to accomplish, and HOW we’re being strategic about it inside this practice plan.

Some of the topics include:

  • Why, where and how to introduce more game-like challenge into practice
  • Introducing new drills and field organization to get the most out of your space, keep everyone engaged and cover the most important skills that will really make a difference in your season and your player’s development.
  • How to bring in more fun and end practice on a good note (which is helpful for team morale if you’ve been making things more difficult and they’re still adjusting)
  • Catchers’ role in team drills, considering age/level
  • Some tips for getting players *mentally* game-ready

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