Pro tips for getting GAME READY – Pregame routine, Part 1


How the pros get ready before every baseball game.

Who are the pros this video?

Pro tips for baseball practice drills, hitting drills for pregame routine

Eric Farris, Outfielder

Baseball hitting drills for a pregame routine - Pro tips to get game ready

Doug Bernier, infielder

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How the pros get ready for a baseball game - Pregame routine tips from  pro players

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Video transcript /notes

Quotation endorsement from wholesale buyer of Baseball Hitting Drills for a Batting Tee bookDoug Bernier:  “Hi guys.  Today we got a treat for you.  We’re here with my man Eric Farris.

This is a guy I’ve played with the last few years, awesome teammate, great hitter, plays all over the field, now he plays out on the grass in the outfield.  Came up with the Brewers, Big Leagues with them… a fresh face for you guys to talk about a little pre-game routine.

Eric, what do you like to do pre-game wise, what do you like to do to get ready for the day?”

Eric Farris:

“Well first off, first and foremost, when I come down to the cage I like to get some work off the tee, get loose.  I have a routine – somewhere between 10 and 20 swings, before I get into flips and batting practice.

I like to come in and start working right side of the field, gradually work my way toward the middle.  I like to set my ball up on the tee in a certain position where I’m hitting the laces at the top and inner third of the baseball to make sure I stay inside of everything.

And, I mean, the batting tee for me is simply get my body ready, get my swing ready and warmed up so I’m ready to turn it on for batting practice.”

[In the video, Eric demonstrates the following pregame tips]

Pregame tip #1 – Work outside to inside

  • I begin by setting up the batting tee for the outside pitch, something middle to outside,
  • This lets the ball travel a bit more, getting deeper in my stance
  • Then as a I warm up a bit I work on the inner half of the plate

Where to place the batting tee

Baseball tips to be game ready - Part 1 is about getting the most out of your batting tee workPregame tip #2 – Use the baseball’s seams to create a visual target

  • The beautiful thing about a batting tee is you can work on developing good habits in ways that are impossible when the baseball is moving.
  • I use the seams as visual targets to train my body and brain where the optimum place on the baseball is to make contact.
  • Eventually you no longer need the visual target because it just starts to feel right.  But this is a great way to develop those good habits, or to keep them finely tuned.
  • I use this setup for every ball I hit off a batting tee

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Coming next

In the next video, with 5 batting tee drills to do before every game to get your body and mind game-ready, Doug gets more specific about his own pre-game routine.

Eric Farris, Outfielder

Says who?  

Eric Farris was drafted by the Milwaukee Brewers in 2007 and spent time with the Brewer’s Major League team in 2011 and 2012.  Since then Farris has played AAA baseball in the Seattle Mariners and Minnesota Twins organizations.

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