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Tony Seidita

PBI is hands down the best baseball information resource on the Internet.
Well organized, well written (short and to the point), free videos, updated often and information at a high level.
Thanks for this very valuable resource.
Thomas Ford

Love your content. I used to coach my son, but he is now on a travel team coached by ex-college players. It is a 14U team where the emphasis is on continued development. I love the program, but that does not mean that my son and I can’t still work on parts of the game on our own. Your site provides us with knowledge and insight. Thanks again.
Tim O’Brien

Good luck at Round Rock!

I run a series of local summer camps and would like to know if you’d mind if we referred our kids to your site? Could we show them some of your videos as part of our instruction, giving you first credit? Thanks for your consideration!

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