Our Top Picks for Baseball Gear

Professional baseball players recommend their top picks for best baseball equipment, performance apparel, hitting aids, and more.

We test our gear to the max everyday on the field, and now we’re going to share our favorites with you.

Note: Baseball Hitting Drills for a Batting Tee now available

  • Metal Bats – Guide to buying metal bats, including current regulations and which brands are
  • Baseball Cleats – Not all cleats are created equal.
  • Performance Clothing – From cold weather gear to sliding shorts, find out which models areu recommended by the guys who use it everyday, 10 hours a day, for 7 months a year
  • Top 5 Batting Tees – The tees on this page are the ones I have personally used and recommend after testing them with thousands of swings.
  • Pine tar – There are 3 types of pine tar that I know of that work well and won’t lose stickiness in hot or cold weather.
  • Rossin (See Pine tar)
  • Best Hitting Aids

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Our Pledge to you: 100% honest baseball equipment reviews and recommendations, personally given by professional baseball players from the MLB or MiLB.  We recommend the gear we choose to use every day on the baseball field, and why we like it.  Our goal is to help you find your best baseball gear.

Product Guides – General guidelines to help you choose which gear is right for you.
Recommendations and Reviews – Specific products recommended by a pro.

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  1. Avatar für Brent Carr

    Hi, my son is a 14yo catcher. He will need a new mitt soon and we’ve looked at the All Star mitts shiv he likes. I was wondering if you have evaluated the Marucci catcher’s mitts or have any knowledge of there quality. His current mitt is an Akedema which hasn’t held up very well.

  2. Avatar für Dylan V.

    You guys should do an article on glove conditioners and the importance of it. There are so many types and brands of conditioners it would be awesome to hear how a pro takes car of his mitt. Thanks.

  3. Avatar für Cody

    Thanks for the timely response. I was browsing the site and clearly didnt see that but Thank Again. Love the site by the way.

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