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A quick rundown on the best baseball cleats from a pro’s perspective, including tips to help you choose which ones are right for you and where you can buy them.

Metal vs Plastic Cleats

Baseball Cleats  are very important, they are what connects us to the ground.  Baseball cleats come in many different styles and colors, but don’t let that confuse you.  If you already have a favorite brand for your regular athletic shoes, then chances are you will like the cleats from that same company.   If you haven’t picked a favorite yet, I’ll run through the major companies that you’ll see pro players using.

Another important decision that each player must make is whether to use metal or plastic spikes.  Some leagues only allow plastic cleats which makes your decision easy, but if you have a choice i will run down a few pros and cons of each.

Metal Spikes –  give you the best grip to the ground.  They are a little harder on your feet especially for infielders who stand on hard dirt the entire game.  But you don’t slide around.  Most infielders, catchers, and pitchers use metal spikes because proper footing is very important.

Molded or Plastic Spikes-  are more comfortable than metal spikes.  The downfall is that you may slip a little more on dirt.  However, the ground in the outfield is softer and plastic spikes work fine.  The problem you may run into is the batters box could be hard and it may be slick with plastic spikes.  In either case, try them out and make a decision which one is best for you.

Coach or Turf Shoe–  are great for use in a batting cage or any other place where they don’t want or are not allowed to wear cleats.  They are great for coaches as well.

Usually buying a pair of cleats is much less deceiving than buying a bat or glove.  We all have been wearing shoes for a long time and we know what style and brand we prefer.  Baseball cleats are no different.  The following list are some of the big shoe companies in professional baseball.

Best Brands for Baseball Cleats

If you looked around an MLB or MiLB lockeroom, these are the brands you would see.

buying guide for plastic or metal nike cleats or spikes

Nike Cleats


They are number one for a reason.  They are trend setters and always change the look of shoes every year. They are very comfortable and many people in and around baseball wear their shoes. Baseball Monkey has a really great selection of Nike cleats.

new balance metal baseball cleats, best baseball cleats

MB3000 Low Metal Cleats

New Balance

New Balance baseball cleats are a very comfortable shoe, but got extremely relevant in baseball in 2011.  A lot of the guys I play with or against are wearing their shoes.  They have many colors and are stylish.  To buy, check out Amazon or BaseballMonkey.

buying guide for under armour plastic or metal cleats or spikes

Under Armour Cleats

Under Armour

Another shoe that is becoming very popular.  The creativity of the look of the shoes are what sets them apart from others.  They are making their cleats more comfortable than they were a couple years ago.

Baseball Rampage has a good selection of Under Armour baseball cleats, and they also have free return shipping.

buying guide for plastic or metal adidas spikes or cleats

Adidas Cleats


Very comfortable shoe. Some of their looks may be a bit bold but Adidas provides some of the best prices of any big shoe company.

buying guide for plastic or metal mizuno cleats or spikes

Mizuno Cleats


They have different cleat positioning on the bottom of the shoe (from the other shoe companies) making for really good traction.  Many types of models to choose from so pay attention to what you are purchasing. Some models are made from kangaroo leather which makes the cleats lighter.  They tend to run a little wide, but a great shoe. There are lots of online stores who have Mizuno baseball cleats. Baseball Monkey is a good one.

buying guide for plastic or metal 3N2 spikes or cleats

3N2 Cleats


You don’t see many people wearing these cleats, but the people that do absolutely love them.  I have never tried them but I had to add them to the list because they have such a loyal following.  Several of the big retailers don’t even sell these, I know Amazon has them, but I think has the best selection ($10 off orders of $99+ with code HW0110).

See our online store comparison chart to find out who has free shipping, free return shipping, no fee returns, loyalty programs and other perks.  I hope this overview of the best baseball cleats has been helpful for you.  I invite you to leave feedback or suggestions in the comments section below.  Play hard!  – Doug

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  1. Avatar für Bruno John

    My childs love the ground-digging V-configuration cleats. They can feel confident they won’t lose their footing wearing these shoes.

  2. Avatar für Tom Hank

    One of the most essential equipment pieces for baseball is cleats. They enable athletes to dig into the grass, make quick turns, and steal bases. Youth levels are no different, since kids require reliable, comfortable cleats to perform well.

  3. Avatar für Mason

    what is the best wood bat in your preference. Also, I was thinking about getting catchers gear but don’t want to spend a lot of money. Lastly, i am a 11 year old player and wondered which is better? Composite, alloy/aluminum, or a two-piece (composite handle alloy barrel)?
    Thank You,
    Mason B.

  4. Avatar für James

    Hi there,

    We have a young giant on our team. He’s 13 and already approaching 6’7. He takes a size 17 and his parents have had no luck finding a clear that fits him. The only this to date is Adidas but the narrow build of the shoe won’t fit the boy. Any ideas where we can get this boy some cleats?

  5. Avatar für Seth

    Hey Doug,
    I’m a 8th grader and I play second base for a travel team and my school team. I have a pair of Nike metal cleats currently, but they are a little heavy. I’m thinking about getting a lighter pair of metal cleats, possibly New Balance cleats? I hear they are the lightest out there, do you have any recommendations? Love to hear back.

    • Avatar für Doug Bernier

      Metal cleats will be better for pitching. You will get a better grip on the dirt with metal cleats. As for the brand, its totally a personal preference. Go with whatever feels the most comfortable and you like the best.
      Good Luck,
      Doug Bernier

  6. Avatar für Tonya

    Hi Doug! Love your site, has been very helpful for me, thank you for providing this info!

    I have 12 yr old twins who can start wearing metal cleats next spring if they wish. If you can offer any suggestions …..

    Twin A – middle infielder, catcher, some pitching. Would love to find a cleat with a larger toe box…perhaps even cleats that run slightly wider, comfort is important
    Twin B – Pitcher, catcher, middle infield and loves stealing bases.

    Metal cleats would probably be the way to go?
    Plus, do you think the transition would be pretty easy?

    From previous years cleat shopping, I’ve noticed metal spikes come in much more variety.

    Thank You!

    • Avatar für Doug Bernier

      I think your twins will enjoy playing in metal cleats more than plastic spikes. Playing on the dirt (infield, catching, pitching) you need a little bit better grip. Personally i don’t like plastic spikes because I feel like i slide around a lot. I’ve tried many different brands but what I have been using the last few years is New Balance. They are extremely comfortable, light, and they do offer wider sizes if needed. My second favorite company for spikes is Nike. They are comfortable and a solid shoe. Hope that helps.


  7. Avatar für Jackson

    I am a middle infielder and I am looking for a durable, lightweight, comfortable and stylish cleat got any suggestions. I also like to steal bases so lightweight is a priority. Thank you

    • Avatar für Doug Bernier

      I am a big fan of new balance cleats. I am a middle infielder also, New Balance cleats have become a lot more stylish and have many color options. They are super light weight and have great durability. They are the cleats I use.


    • Avatar für Doug Bernier

      I feel like you can’t go wrong especially if you stay with some of the large shoe companies and mizuno is definitely one of them. As long as it feels comfortable I think they are perfect. For a catcher it is important to have metal cleats because traction is a must behind the plate. I think you made a good choice. Let me know how they work out for you. Good luck.


  8. Avatar für connie gressmen
    connie gressmen on

    I am looking for my grandson a baseball metal cleat shoe in size 6. Can’t seem to find the metal cleat in the smaller sizes. I can only find men’s sizes in the metal cleat shoe.
    Thank you very much…

    • Avatar für Doug Bernier

      I am not sure about finding a metal cleat in a size 6. I’m not sure how old your grandson is but many leagues don’t let the players use metal cleats until they are 13 years old. You may want to talk to someone from the league he is playing in, and see if metal spikes are ok or if its a league rule to only wear plastic cleats. Good luck


  9. Avatar für Mike

    Is Adidas a good brand? My highschool coach got us a deal with the Adidas company to get it cheaper and in our team’s color, i havent seen many pros wear them, and im wondering if i should stick to Nike or New Balance, Thanks
    Ps; i know its personal prefrance, but what is your opinion? Im a middile infielder if that helps


    • Avatar für Doug Bernier

      Thanks for your question. Adidas is a good brand. I used to use them for a few years. Even though they might not be as prominent on the baseball field as Nike or New Balance it is a good shoe. If you look hard you will see guys in the big leagues wearing Adidas. There are pitchers and guys who like to steal bases mostly wearing Adidas cleats. For position players most of their shoes are light and almost have a soccer look to them. As long as they feel good on your feet and you feel they have enough ankle support for being in the middle infield I think they will be great.

      Doug Bernier

  10. Avatar für Al

    Hi, I am a utility player, so I play 1st, 3rd, lf, rf, and once in a while catcher. What would the best cleats that don’t wear out easily be for those positions be? Also, where can I find size 12.5? I looked many places and only see sizes 12 and 13 but not 12.5. (I saw 12.5 mizuno but I have narrow feet.)

    • Avatar für Doug Bernier

      Thanks for writing in. I would stick with metal cleats because they will give you the best traction all over the field. Metal are better in the infield because the dirt can be difficult to get good traction sometimes. As for brand any of the major brands are good (Nike, Under Armour, New Balance, Adidas, Mizuno) it is your personal preference. Keep looking on different websites to find 12.5, that is a pretty popular size so I know it exists. If you are having trouble finding a website that has that size try our products page it will give you a list of some websites we use that may give you better selection in your size. Also the more mesh that a shoe has the lighter it will be but the less durable it will be. Good luck on your shoe search. Thanks for writing in.
      Doug Bernier

    • Avatar für Doug Bernier

      Thanks for your question. Outfielders can use plastic or metal cleats it’s a personal preference. Plastic can be more comfortable and sometimes lighter than metal spikes. The one downfall is that they don’t grip the dirt as well as metal. The batters box can sometimes get slippery when wearing plastics. If you feel comfortable running the bases and hitting with plastic cleats then feel free to use those. If you want to have a little better traction in the dirt use metal. Good luck with your shoe selection.
      Doug Bernier

  11. Avatar für Cheryle

    Hi! I have been trying to find a pair of metal cleats for my grandson in size 18 and everywhere I have tried has been hopeless. Do you know of anyone who sells these larger sizes? Also, is there an advantage to using these metal cleats for a pitcher as opposed to the plastic ones?

    Thank you so much!

    • Avatar für Doug Bernier


      Thanks for your question. Wow size 18 thats a big shoe. I have heard that some people that have a larger foot than a 15 will call the shoe company directly and ask for their specific size. I have heard that Reebok will make larger cleats. I am not sure if this works but it is something that I heard. I hope this helps, I can imagine that finding cleats or any type of shoe in a size 18 can be challenging.

      Your grandson should be using metal cleats as a pitcher. Pitching mounds are made out of clay and metal cleats will give him the proper grip or traction he needs. The plastic spikes won’t pierce the clay and he will slide around more than in metal cleats. When it comes to pitching you want to make sure he has very good traction.

      If you could write me back and let me know how your search for cleats ends up. I would appreciate it. I know there are other players out there with the same problem and this may give them an avenue to be able to get cleats for themselves. Thanks a lot and I hope the search ends well.

      Good Luck,
      Doug Bernier

      • Avatar für Laura

        I too have been looking for size 18 metal cleats for my 6’7″ growing son. Have call several companies with no success. Keep me in mide if you find any. Thanks

        • Avatar für Doug Bernier

          I will be asking around over the next couple days trying to find a solution. If you hear of anything in the meantime let me know. I hope to get the solution out there so we can help more kids. Thanks.

          Doug Bernier

  12. Avatar für Matt

    Which brands tend to be the most durable and long lasting? I had a pair of Nikes last year that wore out midway through the season and I’d like a better pair this year. Thanks

    • Avatar für Doug Bernier

      Thanks for your question. The sad part is sometimes you never know how durable a shoe is until you use it. I have had cleats that lasted the entire year and then I got the same exact cleats the next year and they lasted a month. I do have a few tips that may help you find that perfect pair of cleats. I know that in my experience the first place I see a rip or a shoe starts to fall apart is along the mesh. Many cleats are going with less leather and more mesh. Mesh is lighter but it can rip more easily. If you are looking for durability look for a cleat that might not have as much mesh throughout the shoe. Also take pride in cleaning your shoes after each game. It looks nice and I believe it will extend the life of your shoes. You don’t have to go crazy on them but take a wet rag and wipe them down. Getting all the caked on dirt off your shoes may give your shoes a little extra life. I have had good and bad luck with Nike, if you like them don’t give up on them but I know people that like Under Armour, their shoes tend to have less mesh and seem to be pretty durable (at least thats what the people that use them say). Hope this helps
      Doug Bernier

    • Avatar für Doug Bernier

      I know many catchers and most of them wear different brands of cleats. A few things they look for in a good pair of cleats are: they try to stay away from plastic cleats and lighter cleats that are designed for speed. Using metal spikes give you better traction which is very important when receiving a pitch. The lighter cleats that are designed for speed break down easier and don’t have the support needed for a catcher. Catchers are tough on their spikes so they need a more durable pair. The major shoe brands will have quality cleats I would stick with Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, New Balance, or Reebok. I know this is a broad answer but stick to the brand you like the most and stay away from plastic cleats and light speed type cleats. Thanks for your question.
      Doug Bernier

  13. Avatar für Joe

    Just wondering,

    Mid or low cut cleats? I play second base and had mids last year. I want more mobility but don’t want to risk an ankle role. Thanks.

    • Avatar für Doug Bernier

      Thanks for the question. I hope my answer isn’t disappointing but it is 100% personal preference on whether you should wear low or mid cut cleats. I personally don’t feel you loose much mobility using mids. I would say it is almost a 50/50 split on infielders that wear low or mid cut cleats.
      Hope that helps.

      Doug Bernier

  14. Avatar für Joey

    I’m at middle school outfielder and I was wondering which type do most outfielders use? I’ve been searching around and I haven’t really found a definitive answer yet. I was thinking about getting metal cleats, but do you know any of the cons of having metal cleats in the outfield? Thanks.

    • Avatar für Doug Bernier

      Thanks for your question. The cons to wearing metal cleats are that they are not as comfortable on your feet as plastic cleats and they may be a hair heavier. Outfielders are on the grass most of the game where plastic cleats work fine. One problem with plastic is when they hit or run the bases (any time they are on the dirt) they don’t get the traction someone with metal cleats would have.

      Personally I love metal cleats because footing is extremely important to me and I don’t think they are uncomfortable. When it comes to a specific brand, it is entirely your personal preference. Just like tennis shoes some like Nike and some like under armour. Good luck in finding the right cleats, I hope this helps answer your question.

      Doug Bernier

    • Avatar für Doug Bernier


      I had to look around for the answer to your question but I believe that Mizuno only has one type of shoe where you can change the cleats when they get flat. The shoe is the Mizuno 9 spike double play FP cleat. Hopefully this helps.

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