Best Baseball Sliding Shorts, Under Shirts, and Other Baseball Clothing

A quick rundown on the best baseball sliding shorts, under shirts, and other baseball clothing, including which types and brands that  I and other pro baseball players  really use.  – Doug Bernier
compression best baseball sliding shorts

Nike Hypercool compression sliders for baseball

1.  Best baseball sliding shorts

What are baseball sliding shorts?  Sliding shorts, which are often called compression shorts, add protection by giving you another layer between you and your pants – which is highly essential when sliding on dirt, running and sweating (Keep reading to see our recommendations).

Are compression sliders and compression shorts the same thing?   While many baseball players use those terms interchangeably, retailers do not.  Compression sliders have padding in the sides, while compression shorts do not.

  • Padding. Some shorts have pads on the side of the thighs and even in the knees to keep the parts that hit the ground most often, a little less likely to cut open.
  • Compression.  Most if not all, sliding shorts on the market are compression.  Compression is just that – it actually compresses or squeezes the muscle.  Compression is said to increase circulation and aid recovery time.  HOWEVER, don’t expect to get the full compression benefits from wearing compression sliding shorts.  In my opinion, these sliders are only a tighter version of the fitted shorts.  (Fitted shorts will be snug without adding the muscle squeeze.)  That said, I still recommend compression sliders over fitted, simply because the best baseball sliding shorts should feel like a second skin.   If done right, you should forget you’re even wearing them.
  • Side note on compression:  If you do want the full benefits of compression on your hamstrings, then you will need to invest in a compression sleeve.  Since baseball is such a wait-wait-then-go-full-speed sport, it’s easy to rupture those big muscles, and tough to recover from (sometimes career ending).  This is the one I use, and I really like it. Pro-Tec Athletics Hamstring Compression Wrap
  • Dri-Fit or moisture wicking.  The best baseball sliding shorts are very light weight and moisture wicking in order to keep you dry, so before you order, be sure the sliders say “moisture wicking” or Dri-fit” or something to that effect.
  • Pocket for protective cup.  Some sliding shorts have a insert for a cup, which personally i don’t use.  I like using the shorts in combination with an athletic supporter.  I feel like this keeps everything tight and where it needs to be a little better than if you put the cup directly in the sliding shorts.
  • Length.  There are basically 4 lengths available for sliders (1) short shorts, about mid quad (2) Long shorts, just above the knee (3) 3/4 length, or below the knew; & (4) Full length / to the ankle.  Most guys I know like the long short, which comes just above the knee.  The second most popular would be below-the-knee with some light knee padding.

Best sliding shorts Brands

Here are the ones I like to wear, and the ones I see most commonly worn by the other pro guys I play with.These are our pro-recommended sliding shorts:

best compression sliders for baseball

Nike Compression shorts


Nike makes a good product.  Sales pitches on various websites often make it seem more complicated than it really is, so I’ll try to summarize it.

Their Pro Combat line is what you would most commonly see in a pro locker room. Nike describes  ProCombat as “reducing muscle swelling by putting pressure where you need it.” (In other words, compression)

Nike Sliders

Nike Hyperstrong Sliding short

All Nike models incorporate the Dri-Fit technology, which is the most important thing.  They also take care to put the seems where they won’t chafe, and other little details that make for quality sliding shorts.  Otherwise, here are some options:

Compression shorts/tights

  • Pro Combat Core – Core is Nike’s basic line.  Basic compression shorts without any fancy features like mesh or padding.  The compression shorts come in different lengths, even 3/4 (below knee) or full length, and a whole bunch of different colors
  • Pro Combat Hypercool – If you want extra ventilation/mesh to stay cool
best sliders for baseball

Nike Pro Combat Hyperstrong sliding tight

Sliding Shorts/tights

These are still a base layer with compression, but will also include some protective padding

Best baseball sliders

Undeniable GDA slider

Under Armour Sliders /compression shorts 

Men’s sliding shorts from UA are described as “Ultra-tight, second-skin fit for a locked-in feel.”

Where to buy:

Check out the Under Armour baseball sliders from Amazon

Tool Shed.  I like Tool Shed‘s dri-fit compression shorts. A light weight material that has cotton mixed in with the spandex.  It has mesh on the inner thigh that helps keep you dry.  Very comfortable compression short.

Tips for buying:  Under Armour has free shipping on orders over $49, no fees on returns and live chat if you have questions about the product or fit.

Baseball Monkey has free shipping over $49, and free returns for 30 days.

If you have questions about choosing your best baseball sliding shorts, please feel free to comment below and we WILL get back with you.

Best Baseball Sliding Shorts, Under Shirts, and Other Baseball Clothing

Nike performance under shirt

2.  Best Baseball Undershirts

Material options. Undershirts are made from either basic cotton or a moisture wicking material – or some blend of both.   They are worn under your jersey top to provide comfort.

In my opinion, the best baseball undershirts by far are the moisture-wicking types, such as Nike’s “Dri Fit” or UA’s Heatgear.  Not only does this type wick sweat away from your body so you stay dryer, they’re also  lighter weight and more comfortable.

buying guide under armour under shirt

Under Armour 3/4 sleeve under shirt

Sleeve length.  You can find these in 4 lengths:  long sleeves, 3/4 sleeves, short sleeves, and no sleeves.  Some times the 3/4 sleeves are difficult to find but you can always cut your long sleeves to your desired 3/4 length.

Fit.  Under shirts can also be tight or loose fitting.  This is 100% personal preference.  Some people like the tight fit all over their upper half and some like to feel less restrained and enjoy a more loose fitting shirt.

Brand.  There are two popular companies that have solidified the market on moisture wicking under shirts.  They are Nike and Under Armour.

3.  Workout Shorts

workout shorts or performance shorts from Under Armour for baseball players

Under Armour performance shorts

Workout shorts will be used more than you even know.  Anytime you hit, practice, lift weights, and run, these shorts will be useful.  Any type of athletic short will work but I absolutely love the dri fit shorts. They are made from the same material as the under shirts.  They are comfortable and light weight.

There are several companies that make high quality, comfortable performance shorts.  Some models may be a little longer or shorter, heavier or lighter duty but they are pretty similar.    Evoshield, Nike, Under Armour, New Balance, Mizuno, DeMarini, etc.

Baseball Monkey has one of the best selections in this category.

4.  Cold Weather Gear

Playing in cold weather can be tough and sometimes miserable.  If you are going to play in the game you might as well be as warm as possible.  The cold weather gear is thicker than your normal under shirt or compression shorts but they will keep you warmer.  Being without cold weather gear designed for sports will put you at a disadvantage…. This section has been moved.  It has it’s own page now – 5 Cold Weather Baseball Essentials.


I hope this quick rundown on the best baseball sliding shorts, under shirts, and other baseball clothing is helpful.  I invite you to ask questions or add your opinion in the comments section below.  Play Hard ! – Doug


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