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Major League infielder shares...

...fielding secrets used by the best infielders in the world to be more athletic, eliminate errors, increase range (make more plays) and make stronger, more accurate throws

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Hi, I'm Doug Bernier. I played baseball professionally for 16 years, and now as a pro scout for Colorado Rockies, evaluating players is my job.  

Over the past 2 decades, I’ve learned infield secrets from playing with and talking with some of the best infielders in the world, and that’s what I want to begin to unravel for you in this free email course, the 6 Secrets of Elite Infielders. 

DAY 1 - How to make coaches & recruiters LOVE you 

  • The #1 trait that coaches want (this will get you more playing time) 
  • How to get noticed by recruiters in tryouts & showcases  

DAY 2 - 7 keys to unlock your inner Nolan Arenado  

  • Plus - VIDEO - 5 tips for instantly better fielding  

DAY 3 - 6 Signs that you're a Frantic Frankie - Fix this one thing and your fielding errors be cut in half  

  • The common mistake making your throws slower and more innaccurate... and what to do instead 
  • 1 simple tweak for more powerful throws (and fewer throwing errors) 

DAY 4 - How you extend your range (get to more balls that are out of reach right now)... WITHOUT sacrificing consistency and making more errors

DAY 5 - Robinson Cano ignored this common fielding advice... and it made him great 

Plus, a simple mental tweak that magically eliminates errors

DAY 6 - Is it laziness? Or something else? 3 Ways to get kids to WANT to work harder