Ten Ways to Use A Baseball Rebounder

A baseball rebounder net can be a valuable tool for improving your baseball fielding skills.  It’s ESPECIALLY helpful if you have an energetic infielder who wants to practice day and night.

In particular, a baseball rebounder like this one is absolutely the best way to do fielding drills at home without a partner.

This video explains the unique reason rebounders are so effective at improving infielder’s skills, AND gives you a 2 minute routine you can take and use with your baseball rebounder right away: 

Ten Fielding Drills To Do with A Baseball Rebounder

Here are ten fielding drills you can do with a rebounder net:

  1. Ground Ball Reactions: Stand a short distance away from the net and have someone bounce or throw ground balls into the net. Practice reacting quickly to field these ground balls cleanly.
  2. Backhand Drills: Work on your backhand fielding by standing at an angle to the net and having someone bounce or throw balls to your backhand side.
  3. Forehand Drills: Similar to the backhand drill, but practice fielding balls on your forehand side.
  4. Short Hops: Use the net to practice fielding short hops, which can be challenging. Stand at a distance where the ball bounces just in front of you and work on scooping it up cleanly.
  5. High Pop flies: Toss or bounce balls high into the pitchback net to practice catching pop-ups and fly balls.
  6. Reaction Time: Randomly bounce or throw balls into the baseball rebounder net and work on your reaction time and reflexes.
  7. Different Arm slots: Practice throwing a ball from different arm slots at the pitchback net and then fielding the rebounded ball. This drill can simulate plays where you need to make a quick throw after fielding a ground ball.
  8. Side-to-Side Movement: Move laterally in front of the net while having someone bounce or throw balls to your left and right, working on your lateral movement and agility.
  9. One-Handed Drills: Work on fielding balls with one hand, both your glove hand and your bare hand, to improve your hand-eye coordination.
  10. Relay Throws: Practice fielding the ball off the net and making accurate relay throws to a designated target. This drill can improve your accuracy and quick release.
  11. Double Play Turns & Redirects – Use your baseball rebounder to get more reps practicing the transfer and footwork you’ll use in these situations

Remember to focus on your fielding fundamentals, such as staying low, using proper footwork, and maintaining good glove and body positioning during these drills. Additionally, use the baseball rebounder net to simulate various game situations and hone your skills for different fielding scenarios.


If you’d like to just follow along with a video, here are ten plug-n-play routines you can use with your baseball rebounder.  Just hit play and follow along with me.

Low Intensity Skill Routines Demo video


If you’d like some help choosing the right rebounder for you, check out this post with the Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Rebounder

Or, if you just want to skip the research and go with my recommendation, here’s the link to my favorite rebounder

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