Tips for Left-Handed Second Baseman: How to Turn a Double Play

True, it’s not too often that you’ll find a left handed second baseman playing in the Major Leagues… or 3rd baseman or shortstop for that matter.

I’d guess less than ten ever… and none of them for more than a couple games.

Still, we got this question the other day from a left handed outfielder who occasionally needs to fill in at 2nd base.

How to turn a double play as left handed second baseman

Question from Sean

Doug, I’m a left-handed outfielder, but occasionally have to fill in at 2nd. Can you outline some mechanical tips for a lefty at 2nd hoping to turn 2?
Thanks, and keep up the great info. I LOVE your website.

Answer from Doug Bernier, TX Rangers utility infielder

Hi Sean,

A lefty second baseman: ground ball at him (starting a double play) left foot down, right foot down, field the ball, then flip to the shortstop. This should be an easy flip or toss for a left handed second baseman.

Now the hard part, turning the double play.

I would think on a ball thrown from the shortstop or 3rd baseman first make sure your chest is facing the direction the ball is coming from. Step with your left foot to the ball.

This is not a large step, just enough to clear yourself from the second base bag.

Try to catch the ball on the right side of your chest. This makes the turn to your glove side (or spin) much more under control. To complete the double play catch the ball, turn glove side, get your eyes locked on the first baseman, and make the throw.

This is a difficult play for a lefty second baseman.

Keep up the hard work.


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