Who is Doug Bernier? 

Image caption - Minnesota Twins shortstop Doug Bernier applies the tag as Houston Astros Jose Altuve slides into second base in the third inning of their baseball game in Minneapolis, Sunday, Aug. 4, 2013.

“If you hit it to [Doug], you’re out. That’s the bottom line. He’s really consistent and he has range and he can do some things.”  

– Joe Girardi, Former manager for NY Yankees

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“I’m logged into his website so I learn from him,” Rangers manager Jeff Banister said. “I’ve been a member since the inception.””  

– Jeff Banister, former TX Rangers Manager, remarking about Doug Bernier's website, Pro Baseball Insider 

(Quote originally published on MLB.com)

MN Twins infielder Doug Bernier | July 2013 | Image courtesy of MN Twins

“"I personally played with Doug and not only is he an excellent ball player, but an incredibly hard worker and genuinely a great guy. His attitude and skill in the game is what makes him so successful both in playing and teaching baseball."  

– David Robertson, MLB Pitcher & former teammate with the Yankees

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