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PBI founder Doug Bernier with Yankees fielding coach Mick Kelleher. Spring Training 2012. Image by Ed Wolfstein

Why is it free?

Our passion is to help baseball players maximize their potential. We hope to keep all or most of the info on PBI free so that everyone can have access to it.

100’s of pages of extensive pro baseball instruction and video… all free?  It might seem too good to be true.  But don’t worry – we’re not planning to pay the website’s bills out of our own pockets.

Have you ever seen the television shows Biggest Loser, Shark Tank, or Extreme Make-Over? They all have 2 things in commom (1) They help people; and (2) The people they help are NOT the ones footing the bill. I’ve always loved that the shows found a creative way to financially support the good work they were doing.

That is why we love the affiliate model – because it doesn’t cost YOU anything at all, and it helps us keep all of the awesome pro tips and baseball instruction on this website FREE FOR EVERYONE.

Also, we put out the occasional paid product, like our book of hitting drills ( Click here to buy hitting drills and support this site… Did I mention it comes with video to demonstrate each drill?).

How does it work?

We write an article. If that article happens to recommend some type of product, like a glove, bat, sunglasses etc., then we look around at the various online retailers who we have affiliate arrangements with. When we find it, we link to it. That link contains our own special code so that if you click on it, that retailer knows to send us a commission on what you buy.

The nice thing is they don’t care what brands or models we recommend, because they sell them all. For example, Baseball Rampage has Nike, Under Armour, Wilson, Rawlings, and on and on – so we can keep it real and make sure we are providing the REAL story about what pros are using on the baseball field.

We’re counting on you to do this one simple thing…

We hope you’ll help us keep it free.   So, next time you need to buy something online, we hope you’ll click through our website first!

That it.  It’s that simple.  Just click the link from our site, then go on about your business like normal.

Our Promise.

We promise not to ever let commission or anything else sway us from giving a 100% honest reviews of baseball gear.   Not every product pays us a commission, but if we like it, we still recommend it.

Wondering where to start?

Check out our awesome and FREE baseball tips, exclusively from the pros:

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