You know you’re a baseball player when…


There’s something about playing baseball that makes you just a little bit different from everyone else!

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You know you’re a baseball player when…

…you wear the same pair of socks and underwear for weeks on end because you’re on streak…  Reply by Ted Browne, Chief StoryTeller Beyond Athletic Life Lessons (“BALL”); Ass’t Baseball Coach/Economics Pofessor; Vanguard University of Southern California

Is there a baseball player out there who hasn’t done that?

…you think that 6 + 4 + 3 = 2!  – Larry Cicchiello, of Larry Baseball

Very clever, Larry!

…you hear the word raking and you think of the playing field before or after the game instead of the list of chores your wife gives you to do.  – David LeVine
…you hear the word “mechanics”, you don’t think about cars.  – Scott Alexander Makorow

By the way, has lots of professional instruction on hitting mechanics, and it’s all free.

…you wear the same shirt, undershirt, shorts, boxers, socks, and shoes because your SON’S team is on a streak.  – Jon Freeman

 …you know how to eat sunflower seeds…  – Bill Stanton,

And spit sunflower seed shells accurately  – Jon Freeman

…you have a white forehead and and a red face.  – Michael Richards

… when you go out to eat…you are NOT wearing a baseball cap.  – Michael Richards

…your baseball caps don’t have stickers and tags on them…just sweat stains.   – Michael Richards

An athlete passes a beautiful woman on the street.  If he whistles at her he is a football player.  If she whistles at him, he’s a baseball player.  – Michael Richards

you know you play baseball when...…your favorite aromas are:

  • Cut Bermuda Grass
  • Leather
  • Pine tar
  • Dirt
  • Bubblegum
  • Hot dogs
  • Victory   – Michael Richards

…you have a Pro Hitter on your key ring.  – R Baker

…you drive the handball/racquetball players at the Y nuts by reserving one of the courts to practice your glove work in during the winter.  – James Wesson  (by the way James, keep up the good work!)

…you find yourself taking practice swings (sans bat) in an elevator.  – James Wesson

Can you think of anything we left out?  We would love to hear from you in the comment section below!

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