You’re back on track!

So glad to be back on track!

Thank you for being awesome.

Tomorrow I’m sharing some advice that I truly believe will help those who want to MAKE IT in baseball.

Here’s the agenda for the week:

What’s “Achieve your dreams” week?

In case you missed my earlier announcement, here’s what’s happening:

I’ve just retired from 16 years of playing professional baseball.   I was blessed to achieve my dreams of playing in the Major Leagues, so….

In gratitude and celebration, this week is “Achieve Your Dreams” week.

This week is all about helping you achieve your goals and dreams in baseball the best way I know how.

  • For me personally, it wasn’t hitting that got me a full ride at a D1 university.
  • It also was NOT hitting that got me my first pro job with the Rockies.
  • Nor was it hitting that allowed me to stick around long enough to achieve my own dreams of playing in the Major Leagues.

Nope. Hitting doesn’t get the credit.

Defense does.

That’s why this week is dedicated to defense… more specifically, infield.

NEW Videos – Instant results

We all like quick results, right?

I’ve begun this special week with quick videos that share simple tips and drills that you can quickly incorporate and see results right away.

  • NEW VIDEO – 5 Tips for instant improvement in your fielding
  • NEW VIDEO – 1 simple drill to fix a bunch of bad habits… plus the common fielding advice that could be causing you to make errors [ coming up]
  • NEW VIDEO – 2 tips (& a drill) for more range and a better backhand [Coming up]

But the real highlight of this week isn’t just about simple tips.

Simple tips are great because you can begin seeing change right away, but…

…and it’s a big BUT… simple tips aren’t enough to turn you into an elite infielder overnight.

They’re not going to get you to where you REALLY want to go.

Do you want to play for better teams? Do you want to stand out in showcases? Do you want to play varsity, or get scholarship to play baseball in college?

To help achieve THOSE dreams, I have some far more important information to share with you.

Some of it is my own personal story, but I’m not sharing it just to talk about myself.

I’m sharing it so you can be READY.

I don’t want you getting caught off-guard, when it’s too late to make an adjustment.

The “How to achieve your dreams” stuff

I want you to be prepared to succeed, to make it in baseball as far as you want to go.

This, right here, is the conversation that really needs to happen, because it could impact the future of your son in baseball:

  1. The single massive failure that saved my baseball career… and what it means for your son (Monday)
  2. From utterly average to best-in-state in 1 week (True Story)(Tuesday)
  3. The 2 biggest differences between Derek Jeter and your son (Wednesday)
  4. 15 Minutes a day could change your son’s life forever (Thursday)

And then beginning on Thursday, for those who really want to master fielding, I’m going to share with step-by-step exactly how to do that.

I appreciate you.

Cheers, and play hard!


PS.  While you’re here feel free to look around at the 100’s of pages of free baseball instruction from professional baseball players.

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Doug Bernier, founder of Pro Baseball, debuted in the Major Leagues in 2008 with the Colorado Rockies, and has played professional baseball for 5 organizations (CO Rockies, NY Yankees, PIT Pirates, MN Twins, & TX Rangers) over the past 16 years. He has Major League time at every infield position, and has played every position on the field professionally except for catcher. (You should click to watch this great defensive play by Bernier) Where is he now? After 16 years of playing professionally, Doug retired and took a position as a Major League scout with the Colorado Rockies for 2 years. Currently Doug is the Data and Game Planning Coordinator with the Colorado Rockies